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I don't like to see you stress out over your upcoming move, so I've arranged for something to cheer you up: an opportunity to save money and time. Just complete the form above, and I'll connect you with Olathe movers who will offer you steep discounts just because you're my friend. As tempting as it will be to jump on the first one, try to wait for at least three quotes so you can find the mover that fits your needs most closely.

In and Around Olathe

Kansas City International Airport, in Missouri, is about 29 miles from the middle of Olathe. Interstate 35 runs diagonally through Olathe, angling from northeast to southwest. State Route 7 heads north and south through Olathe. SR 50, 59 and 169 run parallel to one another going east and west through the city – 50 is the southernmost of the three, while 169 is northernmost.

It's good to think through the lay of the land ahead of time and plan out your move. The more advance planning you can do, the better. I hope you have a save and happy moving day.

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