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If you have been injured and you think that you deserve compensation for your accident or condition, seek the counsel of a personal injury lawyer. As you focus on healing, a professional personal injury attorney should be fighting for your legal rights. Rather than fielding phone calls or shuffling through papers yourself, your attorney will take care of the red tape while you recover from whatever issues you seek compensation for in your case. has compiled the most trusted and skilled personal injury attorneys to make your selection easy while you take the time to focus on ourself during this challenging time in your life. Be sure to work with a friend or family member to find a good match for your case based on your needs.

Personal Injury Law


The attorneys listed on Billy don’t just represent personal injury cases that result from car accidents. Personal injury law covers far more than that. Laborers, for example, comprise 7.2% of all worker’s compensation injury cases each year. You can find a lawyer that will represent the specific nature of your injury case as a result of any of the following:

* Vehicular accident: car, truck, motorcycle

* Worker’s compensation

* Slip and fall

* Medical malpractice

* Product liability/defect

Personal Injury Details


personal injury attorneyAs you recover from your injuries, your personal injury attorney will work on compiling specific details about your case. Any information that you can remember and communicate to your lawyer is helpful in this process. Be sure to have some record of:

* When and where the event happened

* Whether or not it was your fault

* Who you believe to be at fault

* If you received medical treatment

* What medical treatment you received

* Any bills and receipts from medical treatment if received

* What injury were you diagnosed with

* Any other details you feel are essential to your case


Personal Injury Case

As your personal injury attorney begins to represent you, they will use your details to build a case. Once they file a personal injury claim, your legal case will be in motion. It can take months to years to settle a personal injury case depending on how complex the details are. In the meantime, continue to collect any receipts for medical care or lost wages as you heal from or live with your injuries; your attorney will keep a record of those documents to help your case.

Personal Injury Compensation

Compensation for personal injury cases can vary wildly because of the diverse nature of the cases. Determining fault is also an indicator of compensatory damages in your case. With over 4.5 million medically consulted motor-vehicle crashes in the United States, personal injury attorneys for vehicular injuries will likely seek compensation from your insurance company as well as the entity that may have caused any damages. Remember, you will also have to pay your legal retainer and service fees out of your compensation, so be clear about payment upfront.

Find personal injury lawyers that will represent cases small and large on Billy. We have collected a list of knowledgeable attorneys who are skilled professionals within their specialized fields. can help you find a great lawyer, no matter if it’s a workers compensation attorney or an asbestos mesothelioma attorney, we’ve got you covered.


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