A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

According to the latest research, 90% of people go for their home renovation within or after every five years. Generally, the baths & kitchens are the two main portions of the home that people are always interested in renovating. For a kitchen renovation, just buying stainless steel and & other fancy appliances doesn’t make it a modern & unique portion of your home. It’s about showing your true lifestyle, imagination, and creativity through the latest designs.

Decide If you Need a Remodel or a Refresh:

A home renovation project can be energizing and even fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Just give it a hard thought, why do you need to renovate your kitchens? Is it just because you don’t like what does it look it or you just want to get the attention of your guests? If it’s a matter of looks, you probably don’t need a full remodel. You can get away with just a refresh, which will cost less than a basic remodel.

From new countertops, appliances, and cabinetry, to a fresh coat of paint, & new cabinet pulls, the refreshing renovation looks adds more glamour & charm to your kitchens. Suppose, you don’t like how your kitchen spaces are renovated & how the storage drawers have come out, what would you do? Would you just start renovating everything from the beginning?

You just have to do everything yet again & start from zero. Consequently, If you decide to renovate, keep in mind when you have the time to cope with the main modifications on your existence for weeks or months. Many homeowners don't recognize how lots of kitchen protection can disrupt their each day lives. It does appear like just an everyday task, however, it plays a critical role in showcasing your way of life & creativity.

Get Inspired:

Before you start making your plan, get inspiration from many different sources. Look at social media, design books and magazines, and renovation-centric television shows. Consider consulting with a professional designer on how best to utilize your space. What you want and require from your kitchen will probably evolve as you take in all the possibilities, and that will make the final remodel more attuned to your needs.

Consider your lifestyle:

Think about what you use your kitchen for. Are you cooking large meals multiple times a day? Or is your kitchen more of a social family hub? Do you bake every weekend? Or are you a single person who eats mostly takeout? What do you need more dining space, food preparation space, storage space, or socializing space? How you use your kitchen should dictate how it’s designed.

Reevaluate your Assumptions:

Homeowners usually have strict thoughts about what should be in a kitchen, but if you want to renovate your kitchen, you should start with a blank slate. It depends on the number of appliances & equipment you have in your arsenal.

So, thinking do you need a microwave? In case you most effectively use it a few times every 12 months, then no, you do not want it. You don't have to set aside space for something you do not need. Create a list of kitchen things like appliances and other features, and think about if you need each one, like a wine fridge or a sink for preparing food. First, the best choice is to only get the living essentials so you can easily live without facing difficulties before remodeling your kitchen.

Look for a Good Contractor:

A big factor in the success of your kitchen remodel is the contractor who does the work. Personal references are probably the best way to find someone good. Ask friends and family if they have a good contractor they trust. Once you get a name, always check their reviews and references. You’ll want to get some insight into how they work and what they’ve worked on in the past. Contractors who’ve done remodeling similar to yours should get bonus points.

Ask former clients if the work was completed on time and under budget. When you speak to candidates, ask about their crew of laborers. If they have a solid group they work with consistently, that’s usually an indicator of high-quality work. Ask them to produce cost estimates for your project and compare them carefully.

Don’t be discouraged if your contractor of choice can’t do your renovation on the precise week you want because they’re busy. The best contractors almost always have the busiest schedules. Finally, don’t choose a contractor simply because they provided the lowest estimate. Unlike low-commission real estate agents who offer full service, low-cost contractors often cut corners and do substandard work.

Settle on a Layout:

The layout of your kitchen depends upon what you use it for. Nearly every kitchen is going to encompass the conventional triangle of the fridge, stove, and sink — placed in positions just to create a proper space to cook dinner, prepare, and be easy.

If you prepare dinner loads or do exceptional sorts of cooking, you might consider having more than one movable triangle in your kitchen that supports your movement & ensures the best cooking & cleaning outcome. Consulting a layout expert can help at this stage. You also want to think about whether you want an island and if you have space for it. An island can radically increase your seating and prep space, but it takes up a lot of space and might not make sense in smaller kitchens.

Also, consider if you want a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen and if you need features such as integrated dining space.

Assess your Storage Needs:

Want to get plenty of space in your kitchen storage? The first thing you can do to ensure you a proper storage space is to take out all extra stuff from your kitchen drawers. This will give you already available space despite spending more on upgrading the storage closets. It is also a good choice if you can remove the extra cabinets & drawers to create more space & properly aligned drawers in your kitchen.

When you have gadgets stacked and shoved into every viable nook and cranny, greater storage is in order. Furthermore, Custom cabinetry can be a marvel of efficiency, mainly in case your kitchen is at the smaller aspect. It could be quite steeply-priced, although, so don't forget in case you need it.

if you plan on moving or selling your home in the following few years, it’s probably no longer super funding.

In Conclusion:

In summary, when you plan your kitchen remodel, it's a big step in creating a space that suits your lifestyle and works better. Think about what you want, get ideas, and find the best person to build your new kitchen so it looks good and works well for cooking and hanging out with friends. Stay connected with us for more blogs!

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