Budgeting Tips to Minimize Moving Companies Cost

Moving companies' costs is a crucial factor that highly impacts our moving budget. Relocating is a task that requires much expertise. From packing to loading, every task needs proper planning and budgeting. We understand how exhausting it is to plan a move and keep everything within budget.

However, with proper guidance, moving can become smooth and seamless. Billy.com is a moving expert specializing in local, long-distance, and international moving services, full service, moving labor, and moving truck services. In this blog, our experts reveal some of their pro budgeting tips that help you save big on moving companies costs.

Estimated Moving Companies:

Cost Moving Companies are an efficient choice to make your move easier. These companies provide professional assistance for your relocation, understand your needs, and provide customized solutions. Hiring a moving company allows clients to relax and shift their attention to another thing as these companies take over their moving tasks.

Professional movers assist customers in packing, loading, transporting, and unloading their personal belongings. However, all good things come with a price tag, and every good moving company comes with an estimated cost. Understanding the moving cost calculator of various relocation types and services is essential to hiring a cost-effective mover.

Below, we have thoroughly explained the estimated cost of moving companies in various types of moves:

Local Moving Companies:

Cost Local Moving Companies are the most cost-efficient way to move your belongings and keep everything within budget. However, it is essential to remember that local mover charges by the hour for their services. If you want to hire a local moving company, it is mandatory to keep everything on schedule so you don’t have to pay any extra charges.

The average cost of a moving company starts at $80 per hour for local moves. Still, the cost of your local move can rise to $180 per hour if you hire a more influential mover. Below is the Calculator Chart of Local Moving Companies' Costs:

Sr. No

Home Type


Number of Moving Labor

Moving Hours

Local Moving Companies Cost
































Long-Distance Moving Companies:

Cost Long-distance moving usually requires more time/labor and can take up to a day to complete. Interstate mover calculates their cost case-by-case because this moving price depends on too many factors. An average interstate mover starts their service cost from $1,210 for 250 miles.

Several influences contribute to long-distance moving companies' costs, including distance, travel fees, size, and weight of your belongings. Below, we have provided you with a calculator chart of Long-Distance Moving Companies Cost:


Home Type



Estimated Time




250 miles

$200 –$950




250 miles

$1,210 – $3,013




250 miles

$1,556 – $4,225




250 miles

$1,880 – $4,505




250 miles

$2,100 – $5,066


International Moving Companies' Cost:

International Moving Companies usually cost more as it involves relocation to another country. Global moves cost more because several factors can impact your finances. Moving companies estimate the cost of their overseas moving service to be between $1200 and $2000 for every 500 miles of a 2–3-bedroom apartment.

This includes an additional insurance cover of $0.69 per round to account for the higher risk of property damage during international moves. Additionally, 2% customs and import tax will be added to the overall cost of the relocation. Below is the estimated calculator chart of International Moving Companies' Costs:

Sr. No


1-2 Bedroom

3-4 Bedroom

5-6 Bedroom






















South America





Full-Service Moving Companies Cost:

Full-service movers usually cost more than other moving services because they provide complete assistance for your move. When you hire a full-service mover, they take over your relocation task from packing to unpacking.

The estimated cost of the full-service moving companies generally starts at $25-$50 an hour. However, every move is unique and has different needs that add to the value of moving services. Below is the estimated calculator chart of Full-Service Moving Companies Costs:

Sr. No

Move Type

Lowest Bid

Highest Bid


Local Move




Commercial Move




Short-Distant Move




Long-Distance Move




Specialty Cost




Auto Move




International Move




5 Factors that Affect Moving Companies:

Cost Moving Companies are as accessible as we want them to be in our move. Relocation is a task we encounter once in a few years, so we need assistance and guidance to complete it. However, it’s essential to keep certain factors in mind to make moving companies' assistance cost-efficient.

Certain factors influence moving costs and the key factors affecting them. Understanding these factors is crucial for budget-friendly decision-making during your move. Below, we have explained some of the factors that highly impact your moving cost:

1. Size/Weight of Move:

The size of your house and the weight of your belongings play a vital role in raising the cost of moving companies for your move. The moving cost of a studio apartment is lower because it has fewer belongings and requires relatively few hours and labor forces.

However, a 2–to 3-bedroom apartment requires additional belongings, labor, and equipment. Moreover, some companies need extra charges to move items up or down stairs.

2. Moving Distance:

Distance matters a lot regarding the total cost of your moving company services. Whether it’s a local, long-distance, or international move, the distance will highly impact the total cost of your moving company bill.

Local moves require 2-3 hours, so companies start their moving cost at $25 per local move. A long-distance and overseas move requires additional charges and logistical challenges, including contracting air and ocean freight to deliver household goods.

3. Insurance Cover:

Insurance coverage is another significant factor that highly impacts the overall cost of your moving company. Many companies provide free but limited liability and content coverage to protect your belongings. However, for complete moving insurance, the customer has to purchase it from a third-party agency, which increases the cost of relocation.

4. Move Time:

The time of your move also plays a crucial role in raising the cost of your moving company services. The rates are relatively higher when you schedule your moving services from April through September, as it is the peak season.

Summer is usually the busiest time for movers because of the flexible weather and school holidays. Many people choose the summer season for their relocation because of the flexible weather and office hours. Moreover, the moving costs are also higher on weekends and holidays.

5. Additional Services:

When you move, you might need extra services to meet your needs. However, keep in mind that these additional services can increase your overall moving costs. These services include installing appliances, cleaning, packing fragile items, removing junk, relocating specialty items, and storing belongings.

6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Minimize Moving Companies Cost:

Hiring a moving company for your relocation can be a great relief, but it can also blow your bank. Below, we have provided you with some of our practical tips that will minimize your total moving company cost:

1. Declutter Before Pack:

The size and weight of your belongings play a significant part in raising the cost of moving companies.  It is also the most efficient hack to minimize the overall cost of your move. You can use several hacks to lower your moving cost, but decluttering is the most effective. This pro tip will help you save tons of space, time, and money during your relocation.

We suggest performing a thorough decluttering session before you start packing your stuff. Get rid of all the unnecessary clothes, books, household supplies, and electronics that are lying around in your house. After reviewing all your household items, you can decide whether to sell, donate, or dispose of the things you don't need. Additionally, remove any duplicate items.

2. Make a Moving Budget:

Your moving budget has many tasks that include packing supplies, hiring movers, and transportation. Therefore, counting and planning your moving costs will be handy to lower them.

A local move costs $3,000, and a long-distance move can cost around $6,550. Making a moving budget in advance helps to manage the expense of your moving company's services.

3. Schedule Move on Right Time:

The time of your reallocation can successfully minimize the cost of moving companies. Mover charges are higher during weekends, summer vacations, and holidays.

We advise you to take some time and schedule your move on weekdays or off-season because they are less expensive. Labor has the highest availability and is inexpensive on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so this hack can significantly impact your moving company's cost.

4. Pack Your Self:

Packing is the service that moving companies charge the most for because it requires packing supplies, materials, and customization.

Packing your items yourself can help save a lot of money on your moving bill. It will take extensive time but significantly impact your moving company’s cost. This hack will allow you to hire moving help to pick up your packaged boxes or furniture.

5. Share Your Move:

The most expensive part of your move is transportation and loading your stuff. When you choose to share a move, it allows you to share the cost of moving with another person.

This budgeting trick comes in handy in long-distance moves. Shared load cuts the costs in half for clients because moving companies use freight trailers to carry multiple households' goods.

6. Consider Storage Options:

The last but most efficient hack to lower the cost of your move is to hire a moving company with storage containers. These containers can be dropped off at your house.

You use them for your items extensively, starting several days or weeks before your move. After loading all your belongings, the moving company will pick up the container and drive it to your destination. It is an impressive budgeting hack you can try to lower your moving company's costs.

How to find Low-Cost Moving Companies?

Below, we have provided you with some efficient platforms to find cheap moving companies near you:


Billy.com is the most efficient platform for finding cost-efficient moving companies in your neighborhood. The website helps its clients to connect with reliable, economical, and premium services. It is highly trusted, works in all the country's central states, and has been working in the moving sector for over a decade.

Billy has the highest number of customer referrals and provides exceptional customer service. You can find moving companies that provide timely delivery of your belongings and offer affordable quotes. This is your reliable partner for finding background-checked, economic, and exceptional services you can rely on.

They have specialized in outstanding moving services, including local, long-distance, international, and full-service moves. Their experienced professionals can handle all your moving needs, regardless of size.


HireBestPros is a renowned platform for finding professional moving services. They help their clients find premium services and have a maximum customer satisfaction rate. The platform has developed a unique database that provides the top three leading service provider options for every niche, from home improvement to moving finance.

This website is an efficient way to find real-time solutions to your every moving need. Their customer-friendly service provider is available 24/7, ready to listen to your needs. They provide budget-friendly, legitimate, and premium solutions for every moving need.


MoversNearMe is a convenient platform that offers top-rated auto shipping services. This reliable website provides moving solutions for all types of moves, whether big or small, near or far, residential or commercial. They have skillful professional teams who understand their clients' unique and distinctive moving needs.

Their services include long-distance, local, and international moves and full-service moves. They assist with everything from planning, organizing, packing, and loading to unpacking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are some of the FAQs about Moving Companies Costs:

Q1: What do most movers charge per hour?

Ans: Moving companies start their average cost from $80 per hour for local moves.

Q2: How do you calculate moving costs?

Ans: To count your moving cost, multiply the hours estimated by the Hourly Rate of the mover’s charge.

Q3:  What is the total cost of a local move?

Ans:  The total cost of a local move is somewhere near $480.

Q4: Does the moving company charge extra for additional services?

Ans: Moving companies can raise costs with additional or customized services.

Q5: Do moving companies provide free insurance coverage?

Ans: Moving Companies provide free but limited insurance coverage to its clients.


Moving Companies' costs are subject to change and can be estimated through various strategies. Movers are the most efficient yet expensive way to speed up your relocation process. Relocating to a new place can be challenging, but it can bring positive outcomes if you plan to move in the coming months but don’t know how to make it budget-friendly.

Then, today, we will provide you with essential hacks that will minimize the cost of moving companies for you. Visit Billy.com today to find cost-efficient moving services.

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