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Nearly one out of every 121 drivers is arrested during any given year for drunk driving. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate 121, you must immediately seek counsel from a DUI attorney. helps find trusted and skilled lawyers near you to represent the most sensitive legal cases.

DUI Lawyers Reduce Charges


Driving Under the Influence is a serious charge that can result in massive fines and lengthy jail time, depending on the nature of your offense. Your license can be suspended or even revoked indefinitely. Because DUIs are such a sensitive charge, often resulting in the injury or worse of innocent people, the punishments are swift and stringent. The job of a DUI lawyer is to defend your case to the best of their ability so that it results in a reduction of charges, fines, and penalties. This outcome is not always possible but for the best chance, hire a DUI lawyer from


DUI Lawyers Compile Information

Your DUI attorney will interview you about the details of your case. They are looking for the following information to add to your defense:

* Have you ever been charged with a DUI/DWI before?

* What happened when you were arrested?

* What were the events that led up to this charge?

* How were you charged?

* How was your blood alcohol content determined?

* What evidence is there of your BAC?

* Are there any witnesses to your arrest?

* What is your general character?


DUI Lawyers Strengthen Cases

A skilled DUI attorney from Billy will interview you about the nature of your charge and include your general character to understand how to represent you in court best. If your DUI was a mistake and there is no evidence to support it, your charges may be dismissed. If you feel you were wrongfully pulled over, you may also have a chance for charges to be dropped. Since about 30% of all DUIs are repeat offenders, this option is not always available. You should know that if you too are a repeat offender, your case will likely not be dropped, but you may still have hope for some reduction in penalties.

DUI Lawyers Protect Clients


dui attorneyYour insurance company or the insurance company of any other party that may have been involved in an accident during your DUI charge will likely try to reach you via phone or email. Representatives from insurance companies can sometimes word their conversations and questions to leave people confused. Be sure to consult with only your lawyer before speaking to anyone about your charge. Remember also never to sign anything without your lawyer present. Your lawyer is well versed in the tricks of the trade and will be able to shield you from any sneaky tactics.


DUI Lawyers Do More

Even if you have been charged with a DUI in the past, a DUI attorney from can still help you. Many people consult their attorney to have their DUI expunged or removed from the record. This action is not available in every case, but it is worth exploring with your attorney because it can affect the job, financial, and housing applications.

The DUI attorney you’re looking for is just a few clicks away at Billy, where we have compiled a wealth of legal expertise to meet your unique needs. can help you find a great lawyer, no matter if it’s an immigration attorney or a criminal defense attorney, we’ve got you covered.


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