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According to the NHTSA in 2017, rear-end auto accidents accounted for roughly 30% of all car crashes, making them the most frequent car crash type. If that statistic worries you because you don't have auto insurance, Billy wants to change that. While you cannot prevent every auto accident, the right car coverage policy can offer peace of mind that you have the resources to handle rear-end, weather-related, head-on and all other manner of car accidents. Billy gathers quotes from auto agents in your area to make it simple to find an affordable policy that meets all your needs.

Assembling the Right Car Insurance Coverage


Much like other insurance policies, you have a lot to consider when putting together your auto insurance policy. Not only must you have a policy that accounts for as many scenarios as possible, but you must also ensure your policy meets the latest state requirements.

Liability coverage protects you against property damage liability and bodily injury liability. If you damage another's property or harm someone in an auto accident, you could face legal action without adequate liability coverage.

The Insurance Research Council notes that in 2018, roughly one in eight U.S. motorists did not have insurance. If you get into an accident with someone who doesn't have coverage or has inadequate coverage, uninsured/underinsured policies give you peace of mind. This auto insurance coverage increases your out-of-pocket costs, but that extra expense becomes a port in a financial storm.

Other than other drivers, you must also account for Mother Nature. Accidents and vehicle damage coverage help if you total your vehicle or if your car sustains damage from the elements. Collision coverage accounts for damages you incur from an accident. Comprehensive coverage takes care of damages stemming from incidents such as a tree branch damaging your car.

Have you ever gotten a flat tire or been stranded on the side of the road? Including roadside assistance with your car policy ensures you have access to help when you need it most.

Saving Money on Car Insurance


autoYou shouldn't spend a penny more than necessary on a car, and the same applies to auto insurance. Billy helps you save on coverage, but you can do more. If you have yet to buy the car you want to cover, get quotes for the vehicle you want to buy. The numbers could affect your vehicle choice.

Another way to save money is to increase your deductible to reduce your monthly premiums. If you take advantage of this tip, set aside your deductible amount in a separate bank account. That way, you drive easy knowing you don't have to gather enough money to cover the cost, which may take longer than you think.

Is your older vehicle worth less than 10 times your insurance premium? If so, it may not be worth it to have comprehensive or collision coverage. It could be less expensive to cover those costs out of your own pocket.

Do you have life insurance? If not, please think about your family and get a free quote today.


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