Locum Story: Navigating The Choice of Locum Tenens Providers

You're not alone if you're interested in being a locum tenens provider. At least a third of medical professionals are or have been part of this segment of the healthcare sector. You will have plenty of options with a range of available locum tenens positions.

That said, finding assignments can be complex and confusing when you go it alone. Working with a locum tenens agency can help make matters much more straightforward.

Finding the Right Locum Tenens Agency to Work With:

Numerous locum tenens agencies are at your disposal. They work with medical facilities and healthcare professionals to help bring these two sides of the industry together. Though each agency has strong suits, not all are a good fit for all locum tenens providers.

Finding the right one to work with is the key to success. Consider the following factors when choosing a locum tenens agency to find the best one to meet your needs.


One of the most essential points to consider is the reputations of different locum tenens agencies. Look for those with a history of satisfied clients. That applies to both healthcare facilities and medical professionals. If clients on both ends of the spectrum are happy, that's a good sign that the agency is committed to meeting the needs of everyone it works with.

Look for reviews and talk to other locum tenens to find agencies with excellent reputations. Evaluating companies' reputations seems to be a recurring theme in today's digital world, but it's an effective way to find the right ones to do business with.

Variety of Assignments:

Look into the various assignments available through different agencies as well. Consider the specialty positions they have listed and the range of settings those jobs are in. Though you'll most likely want to remain within your specialty and field of expertise with assignments, you may also want to branch out a bit.

You may also want to work in different corners of the country or overseas. Are you interested in short-term assignments or extended ones? Some agencies have more clients, broader databases, and more diverse options. If you're looking for a wider variety of opportunities, choose an agency that can accommodate you.

Support Services:

Consider the support services different agencies offer for locum tenens providers, too. Some may leave you on your own to handle many of the details involved in providing locum tenens services. Others are dedicated to helping medical professionals with those matters.

Look for an agency that offers in-depth licensing and credentialing support. Some assist with negotiations, travel arrangements, housing, and a variety of other aspects as well. The more help an agency offers, the less stress you'll have to deal with when perusing assignments and accepting them.

Choosing the Best Locum Tenens Agency for You:

Locum tenens agencies work with both healthcare facilities and medical professionals. They aim to find candidates who can best fill medical facilities' temporary needs and match locum tenens providers with assignments that align with their qualifications and expectations.

It's best to choose an agency that takes a personalized approach to placement for the best possible experience. Remember the points mentioned here when looking for an agency to work with. They'll help you choose one that can help you find the correct assignments to dovetail with your needs and goals.

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