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If you hurt yourself at work, knowing your employer has workers compensation attorneys may help you breathe a sigh of relief. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2019, private industry companies reported nearly 3 million nonfatal work illnesses and injuries. Unfortunately, employers and general contractor workers compensation insurance providers do not always honor valid claims. If this happens to you, you may need help from an experienced local workers compensation attorney. Let save you time and help you find the right legal representative for your situation.

Understanding Workers Comp

To make the most of workers' compensation insurance and safeguard your rights, you should know what it is. The insurance policy provides wage and medical expenses to employees who sustain harm or an illness on the clock. States mandate coverage, and benefits vary across geographic locations. When coverage providers accept claims, injured employees receive compensation for lost wages, health care expenses, and rehabilitation costs.

Most states require business owners to carry workers compensation attorneys, but exceptions exist. Companies that should cover workers but don't can face expensive and severe financial penalties. Depending on the circumstances, noncompliant entities could lose the right to operate in their state.

Reasons to Hire a Workers' Comp Attorney

Why should you hire a workers compensation attorney rather than handle a valid legal claim yourself? In 2020, the Workplace Safety Index reported serious workplace harm totaled more than $59 billion a year. With so much money at stake, you cannot afford to go without legal help.

Workers' comp attorneys help clients seek the right benefits. For instance, you could qualify for vocational, disability, or medical benefits. A legal representative helps you determine which benefits to focus on, so you get what you deserve. Other than choosing the right benefits, compensation insurance companies can help you understand when to expect benefits. For example, injured workers receive medical benefits right away. Only after missing a specific number of workdays do you receive disability benefits.

Another reason to get help from a workers compensation attorney is so you know you seek enough benefits. Sometimes, injury symptoms take several days or weeks to appear. If you don't understand the full extent of your injuries, it's unlikely you know how much to request in benefits. Compensation insurance contractors know which medical professionals to consult to gauge your injuries' severity and how they affect your life and financial health.

If your employer's workers compensation attorneys deny your claim even though it's valid, you shouldn't have to face them alone. While you focus on recovering and getting back to work, your attorney builds your case and fights for you. Depending on your accident's circumstances, you could have a personal injury claim. All responsible parties should pay for their negligence. Securing legal help better ensures you receive all the damages including the compensation cost you deserve. Your workers compensation attorneys also help you file for Social Security benefits for qualifying injuries.

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