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Employment law attorneys don’t just advocate for employees; they also represent employers. These specialized attorneys have a wide variety of skills and don’t only work in the courts litigating issues. Labour Employment lawyers are helpful to retain for many years to build strong relationships and generate character evidence; your employment lawyer will know your work ethic the best, whether you are the employer or employee. Learn why you should hire an employment law attorney from near you to begin building a professional relationship.

Counsel for Employers or Employees

For nearly everyone, some labor employment throughout life is a given. Whether you are the employer or the employee, your livelihood depends on the smooth operation of businesses and the maintenance of your character. Upholding agreements in the workplace ensures that everything goes to plan and profits are generated. However, it is beneficial to have someone you can trust to call for legal expertise if something goes wrong. If you don’t already have a labor employment lawyer, consider hiring one today.

Attorneys for Employers

The business owner or the person overseeing the business operations stands to benefit the most from an ongoing relationship with an employment law attorney. Not only does employment law deal with business operations, compliance, and legal representation, but it also handles employee matters as well. Having a lawyer from familiar with how you operate and conduct business is an asset to your company.

Employer Legal Issues

The most common application for an employment law attorney is for legal compliance issues and non-compliance hearings at the state and federal levels. A business’s success depends on whether or not they are open and operating. If employers are unaware that they are in non-compliance, they could be shut down or fined at the first inspection. OSHA reported that over $3.9 million in fines had been issued to businesses in non-compliance since the pandemic began. Employment labor attorneys ensure that companies comply, and when they aren’t, they represent them in a hearing to reinstate operational functions. Other essential functions of employment lawyers include:

  • Bargaining negotiations
  • State and federal compliance
  • Contract drafting
  • Environmental regulations
  • Legal representation
  • Benefits changes
  • Handbook drafting

Employment Law Attorney

Attorneys for Employees

Hiring an employment labor attorney from is a beneficial long-term investment. Working with a lawyer who is aware of your skills, character, and qualifications makes it easier to communicate your needs and any misconduct you experience in the workplace. Quick and concise communication is necessary for ideal resolution because time limits often govern workplace cases.

Employee Legal Issues

Discrimination is the most common use for employment law attorneys for employees. Depending on what events occurred, employees may be seeking compensation for unfair treatment due to a protected characteristic. Each year, more than 100,000 cases of discrimination are settled through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alone. Legal counsel for employees also includes:

  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Unlawful termination
  • Rights waivers
  • Delayed benefits
  • Unionization
  • Workers compensation claims

Employment law attorneys are essential assets to have in your back pocket in the workplace. Whether you are an employer or employee, forging a long-term relationship with a professional legal expert who can represent you in a multitude of ways is a must. Find the legal representation you need in the workplace today by searching for employment law attorneys on Billy.

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