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Have you applied for social security disability insurance only to be told that you do not qualify for federal benefits? This is a common scenario — especially if it’s the first time you have applied. According to the Social Security Office, you have 60 days after this denial to file an appeal, ask for a hearing, or try to schedule a Federal Court review.

If you have become disabled due to an illness, an accident, or a work-related issue and you know you have a solid case for receiving Social Security disability insurance, it’s time to find a qualified Social Security disability attorney to look over your case and appeal your disability denial.

Who May Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

You may need an SSDI lawyer if you have been injured on the job or when performing work-related activities. Your injury may not have happened while at work, and that’s fine, too. If you were disabled while employed, you likely have a case to apply for SSDI benefits.

3 Things To Remember As You Seek Your Attorney


Choosing your Social Security disability attorney is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly — but it should be undergone quickly. If you’re getting ready to file a claim, you may want to contact a qualified attorney ahead of time to review your claim and make sure it includes any and all supporting documentation necessary for its approval. If you’ve already been denied, having an attorney on your side may increase your chances of submitting an airtight appeal, scheduling a hearing, and being approved for the benefits you need faster. Keep the following three points in mind when searching for your attorney.


1. The Earlier You Locate Your SSDI Attorney, the Better


If you're filing for disability benefits, you are likely either injured or unable to work — and your first claim will, in most cases, be denied. Time is of the essence when looking for an attorney to put together your case, file an appeal, or even take matters to court.


2. Your Attorney's Fees Are Worth It


Your attorney will charge you a fee for their services which is a percentage of your disability backpay if you win your case. Some clients may balk at the idea of paying for help, but choosing to go it alone may come at the price of not filing the correct documents or losing your case altogether. Remember that the disability process is legally complex and difficult to navigate without a social security disability attorney. For most clients, this amounts to around 25% of the total amount, or around $6,000. Your attorney should not charge you any money upfront.

3. Your Attorney May Ask for Medical Documents


social security disability attorneySubmitting an appeal to a Social Security denial may mean that you need to dig through medical records, contact your doctor, and create a timeline of your injury or illness for legal purposes. Try to compile as many supporting documents as you can before contacting your social security disability attorney.

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Navigating the Social Security disability process can be frustrating even for people with a good knowledge of the system. If you’ve been injured on the job and wish to claim disability insurance, secure a social security disability attorney with knowledge of this process and experience fighting denied claims as soon as possible. Get in touch with the team to start locating the most qualified professional near you today! can help you find a great lawyer, no matter if it’s a family law attorney or a business law attorney, we’ve got you covered.


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