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Despite facing criminal charges, no matter how severe, you are still entitled to due process. Finding a criminal defense attorney who can represent your case fairly and accurately is vital for securing the best possible outcome. At, we collect the most professional, trustworthy, and specialized legal counsel available to meet your needs. Locating a criminal defense lawyer that matches your specifications is fast and easy to help your peace of mind in a difficult situation.

Having a committed criminal defense lawyer on your side becomes important when you become caught in the complexities of the criminal justice system. An experienced criminal defense attorney has the know-how to successfully negotiate complex court processes, guaranteeing that your rights are protected at every turn. Their comprehension of legal complexities enables them to offer you a strong defense plan that is customized to the particulars of your situation.

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Representing Clients

Criminal defense attorneys defend the person who is being charged with a crime or crimes. The lawyer speaks on the person’s behalf and builds a defense case by collecting information and participating in the trial. It is not recommended that an individual be their own defense, even if they have a background in legal expertise, because the stress of the situation and the potential criminal charges are seen as too much to simultaneously complete the responsibilities of legal counsel. can help you find a lawyer that has the expertise you need.

Determining Charges

There are many crimes that people can be charged with within the legal system. In fact, many people are often charged with more than one crime. In many cases, suspected illegal activity happens in conjunction with other illicit activities. More than 8% of the total population of the United States has been convicted of a felony conviction. Some recurring criminal charges lumped into more significant categories that you might have heard of are:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Weapons charges
  • Drug charges
  • Federal crimes
  • Murder charges
  • Property crimes
  • Sex offenses

Building Defenses

Your criminal defense attorney is skilled in building a defense against all criminal charges. However, you can also search for further specializations in criminal charges, such as focusing on felony charges or drug charges. Considering that one in five people is incarcerated for drug charges, finding a niche lawyer is a smart idea. Seeking out counsel who has specific experience in a niche field will help you get the best defense possible for your case. Your lawyer likely works with the same prosecutors, judges, and police regularly during trials and is aware of their peculiarities during trials. Small details can make all the difference in tough cases.

Analyzing Information

Criminal defense attorneys will go through an investigative and discovery process before defending your case in court. They will gather and analyze all of the information they can about your case. During this time, they will work with other people and ask many questions. This is a natural part of the defense process, and you should contribute honestly and accurately to the best of your ability. Your lawyer can only represent you to the best of their ability when they have all the facts available. Anticipating the prosecutor’s line of attack is an essential tool in managing successful defenses. To do so, your defense attorney must be aware of any surprises before they happen.

Find an expert in the niche field of criminal defense that you need at Billy. We have criminal defense lawyers who are general counsel and those who specialize in different areas of illegal activity. Find legal counsel to meet your needs. can help you find a great lawyer, no matter if it’s a bankruptcy attorney or a civil law attorney, we’ve got you covered.

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