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Quick Facts

Founded in: 1624

Population: Approx. 19 million people

All moves are busy, but moving to New York City, is 'the' busy.

In New York City, there are always, clubs to visit, shows to see, and people to meet.

With so many interesting entertainment options, to get excited about, it's easy to lose track of the technical components, that can make your move there, a success.

We here at Billy, have prepared a list of things to consider, when moving to this most-popular U.S. city, that can help streamline, the process.



  • New York weather, is extremely unpredictable (don't let anyone convince you, otherwise). Rain (even, torrential downpours), can strike, throughout the year (though, in the winter, there is a good chance, of snow).
  • If you prefer to move, to New York, during the driest part of the year, the fall and spring, are probably your best, bets.
  • January, is New York's coldest month, with an average temperature, of around 32 degrees, Fahrenheit.
  • Summer temperatures, are generally pleasant, with an average range of 70-80 degrees, Fahrenheit, though regular humidity, can wreak havoc on, your hair.


  • New York City, is home to many Fortune 500 companies. It is also the international headquarters, of many large foreign enterprises.
  • Midtown Manhattan, is considered the largest business district, in the United States.
  • Lower Manhattan, is home, to the world's two largest stock exchanges, the New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ.
  • Financial services, generate about 35% of the city's, employment income.
  • Many television outlets, are based, in New York City, including: ABC, CBS, FOX, FOX News, NBC, MTV, and HBO.
  • Two national daily newspapers, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, are both based, in New York City.
  • Over 500 other publications, have offices, in New York City.
  • About 790,000 businesses, operate, in New York City.

Cost of Living:

  • Studies show that, New York City, is the most expensive place to live, in the entire, United States.
  • The average monthly rent, in New York City, is close to $3,000, nearly double the average rent in San Francisco, the second-most expensive city, in the country.


  • Public transportation, is the most popular way to travel, around the city.
  • Unlike, in other large cities, such as Los Angeles, residents of New York City suburbs, have easy access, to the city, with public transportation.
  • Manhattan, has over 722 miles, of subway track, and nearly 500, subway stops.
  • About 5 million people, ride the New York City subway, every day.
  • Nearly 13,000 licensed cab drivers, service New York City.
  • New York City has 2 major airports, Kennedy International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. Newark International Airport, located close to the city, is often considered, the city's 3rd, airport.

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • Manhattan's Chinatown, is the largest Chinese enclave, in the Western Hemisphere.
  • New York City, was the first capital of the United States.
  • Over 18,000 restaurants are found, in New York City. The city, has about 4,000 more food vendors, that sell food, on street corners.
  • Approximately 36% of New York City residents, were born outside of, the United States.
  • As compared, with the other 25 largest cities in the U.S., New York City, has a surprisingly low, crime rate.
  • With nearly 40,000 participants, the annual New York City marathon, is the largest marathon, in the world.

Some New York Movers and Shakers:

  • Donald Trump
  • Brooke Shields
  • Conan O'Brien
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Matthew Broderick
  • Katie Couric

Tips for Moving:

  • Many buildings in the city are walk-ups, so it's highly recommended to check with your mover, whether the crew will be able to unload, all your belongings, into your new abode. Make sure to ask, how much it'll cost, to hoist your stuff, through the windows, if necessary.
  • Before scheduling your move to New York City, check with your building's management, about what times, you are permitted to move-in. Some buildings restrict moving, to certain times, of day. If necessary, also ask about reserving the freight elevator, for that time.
  • Parking is difficult, in New York City. If you're moving your own stuff, make sure to have a friend sit in your van, and move it, if needed. Likewise, it is difficult to navigate the city's narrow streets, so unless you're used to driving a truck, it's recommended to hire a mover, who will more likely avoid, a car accident.
  • Choose experienced New York City movers. If you're moving oversized furniture, or appliances, you'll be glad to have a team, who knows how to maneuver through a New York City apartment building. Weigh the costs of hiring the best movers, against the risks of hiring ones, who aren't experts. You'll see, that when it comes to moving to New York City, cost isn't the only thing to consider.
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