Moving to Los Angeles: What You Need to Know Now

Quick Facts about Moving to Los Angeles

Founded: September 4th, 1791

Population: ~4 million people

Although I'm more of a small-town boy myself, I must admit that there's a certain excitement about moving to Los Angeles. As the home of the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Kings and countless celebrities (Britney! Khloe! Snoop Dogg!), Los Angeles provides endless opportunities for entertainment and distraction. But if you're moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career or higher education, you'll be glad to know that Los Angeles isn't just about the glitz, it's also a city in which thousands of people pursue their professional goals. It's no surprise, then, that in 2008, Forbes magazine voted the city as the 8th most economically successful one worldwide. But no matter whether you're moving for work or fun, it's important to stay focused in order to ensure a successful relocation to Los Angeles. Moving requires not only desire, but forethought and planning that can ensure success.

Before you can even think about looking for movers in Los Angeles or abandoning your current home, you'll need to determine where in the city you'd like to settle. Because the city houses a handful of unique neighborhoods, it's important to research your options carefully before making your decision. If you're unfamiliar with the city's different neighborhoods, here's a quick guide:

Los Angeles venice beach
Venice Beach Boulevard
  • Beachside neighborhoods: Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Manhattan and Redondo beaches
  • Westside residential neighborhoods: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Holmby Hills
  • Downtown Los Angeles: Silver Lake, Exposition Park, Hancock Park

What you may not know about Los Angeles is that no matter what neighborhood you choose, you'll almost certainly need a car to get around town. If you were thinking of exchanging your wheels for public transportation, you may want to reconsider, and begin looking for a Los Angeles mover that can transport both your belongings and your vehicle. The downside of having a car, however, is that you'll be stuck in Los Angeles traffic. A lot. But, of course, this may give you more time to canvas the sidewalks for stars that are out for a jog...if you're into that type of thing.

Another thing to consider when moving to Los Angeles is the local weather. You'll probably be happy to know that Los Angeles enjoys about 320 days of sunshine each year. And although the weather isn't always hot, it seldom drops below 50 degrees, and rarely rises above 90, which means that most of the time you can expect pleasant temperatures. This also means, however, that you may not want to spend money taking your winter paraphernalia, unless you plan on visiting the San Gabriel and San Bernardino ski resorts located near the city.

Once you've figured out where you plan on living and what you plan on taking, you'll be able to provide specific details to your list of Los Angeles moving companies, so that you can receive the most accurate quotes possible. Don't feel pressured into making a decision. Moving to Los Angeles isn't quite like moving to Mitchell, South Dakota. There are dozens of reputable Los Angeles movers, and you should hire the one that seems the most reliable and honest. Get multiple quotes, ask for references, and make sure to feel comfortable when hiring a Los Angeles moving company - your moving experience will be considerably more enjoyable if you can start it off properly with a stress-free move.

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