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Whether you're moving to Everett from nearby or from across the country, you've probably got a lot to think about. To help reduce your stress, I've negotiated deals with some Everett movers just for you. Just tell me about your move in the space above and I'll connect you with Everett movers who will offer you discounts just because you're my friend. Make sure to speak with at least three Everett moving companies so that you'll know you're getting the best price on the services you need. Good luck!

Getting Around in Everett

Your move will involve some amount of driving, even if you want to fly. The closest commercial passenger airport lies 37 miles from the middle of Everett -- that's Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. If you or your employer own a plane, then there are closer airports to consider. Otherwise, driving to or from the airport and other destinations might include one of the following expressways:

  • U.S. Route 2 starts at a juncture with Interstate 5 and State Route 529 in Everett, then heads east for 2,119 miles until a juncture with Interstate 75 in St. Ignace, Michigan.
  • I-5 goes through Everett as part of more than 1,381 miles of north-and-south road going from the Canadian border at Blaine, Washington to the Mexican border in San Ysidro, California.

Washington State gets more rain than average, and that means your movers need to have waterproof tarps and be generally prepared for damp conditions. So should you, and I also suggest that you pay attention to the weather forecasts before you move, so you can plan out the details. I hope it all works out well for you.

Other Moving Locations in Washington:

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