7 Best Tips for Your Cost-Effective Bathroom Makeover

As one of the rooms in your home where you spend so much of your time every day, it’s not too strange to discover common wear and tear in your bathroom. Then again, design trends change over the years, so your bathroom color palette or the choice of cabinetry might not seem like the best of the bunch. Yet, despite wanting to renovate your bathroom, you also need to be mindful of your budget limitations.

Even if you feel like completely transforming your bathroom from top to bottom with new tiles, floorst, all the way to fresh hardware, sometimes the smallest, most affordable changes can leave the biggest impression.

Let’s cover some of the most cost-effective bathroom makeover ideas you can use for your remodeling project to give this room a fresh look that everyone in your household will love.

Install new faucets and check the plumbing

Firstly, your sink and bath faucets might be ready to be replaced. If they are outdated and they don’t function properly, fixing them up might cost you more than installing new ones. Fortunately, this might be a simple enough project to do it yourself, especially if you already have a bit of experience.

Go with modern, water-saving faucets and while you’re at it, be sure to inspect the pipes. This is one of the best DIY plumbing tips for homeowners who know how old the pipes are, or if they haven’t updated the pipeline in over a decade. Doing this now will help prevent costly repairs after you’ve installed brand-new faucets and updated the paint job.

Check your bathroom for mold

No matter where you live or how big your bathroom might be, mold loves humidity, and there isn’t a room in your home as prone to moisture as the bathroom. Naturally, that means you can expect to find mold in the bathroom from time to time, which makes this one of the best DIY home improvement ideas for you to get stuck into, one that won’t take a lot of time or money.

Knowing how unhealthy it is, you should make it your priority to remove mold from your bathroom as soon as possible. Depending on the amount, type, and severity, you might be able to use store-bought mold removers yourself. 

If that’s the case, before you move forward with the project, check if you plan to replace some things in the bathroom first. Then you can proceed with any mold removal with all the essentials you want to keep.

Maximize space with storage

Lighter walls and LED lights already give your bathroom a sense of spaciousness. But you can go a little further and check if you can reorganize some of the layout to increase storage in your bathroom with smart storage options, for example.

Place your vanity cupboards below the sink to store your towels and other basics and keep your space tidy. Switch your ordinary mirror for one that has a storage compartment behind it, to keep your hygiene essentials neatly organized.

Get rid of limescale

Have you seen chalky, white deposits on your faucets, shower, or anywhere else in the bathroom? That is limescale, composed of minerals found in water and dried out, and it can be quite an eyesore when it accumulates in the bathroom. One of the places where limestone loves to build up is your shower – you use it most often and it’s prone to humidity.

What’s more, limescale can also appear in your pipes, which can severely impact the water quality in your home. It’s best to take your time and remove limescale from your shower carefully and properly, without the use of overly abrasive tools or cleaners, to avoid damaging your bathroom essentials. With a little patience and care, you can prevent damaging the material underneath all the limescale. If you do cause any damage, you might make room for mold and mildew to form, instead.

Focus on the essentials

One particular bathroom upgrade that will pay for itself very quickly and make your life a lot easier is simply updating the essentials. For one, it might be time to remodel the shower or bring in a new tub. You might also want to choose a new toilet bowl for your bathroom, along with a new water tank to complement the new look.

Also, you can consider Installing an electric shower, meaning that you can get hot water anytime, eliminating the need to keep a massive water tank that requires too much energy in the first place.

That way, an electric shower reduces your energy bill every month, gives you access to hot water, and reduces water waste in one go. You can also use the built-in temperature settings to make sure you always have the perfect shower temperature ready for you.

A fresh coat of paint

A little can really go a long way in your bathroom remodeling project, especially when you’re looking to make changes that come with high returns. One of the simplest, effortless ways to breathe new life into your bathroom and increase your home’s value is with a fresh coat of paint, both on the walls and on your vanities, if you have them.

You can look at the latest color trends for interior design, but also be mindful of what works well with your existing décor and lighting. Most bathrooms aren’t too spacious, but primarily practical, so you should aim for a lighter, warmer tone that will open up the room. 

As a contrast, your cabinets can be in a darker hue, such as navy blue, pine green, or blush for a gentler, lighter touch. For a luxe look and feel, black and gold details can work wonders with your cabinets, too.

Upgrade your lighting

If you see your bathroom as a perfect space for some good old self-care, then it makes sense that lighting sets the tone for the room. Not to mention that it will also bring out your new paint! With that in mind, you can adapt your lighting to focus on energy efficiency as well as aesthetics.

If major upgrades such as automatic thermostats and solar panels are out of the question, then efficient lights are your best way to move forward.

Go for LED lights that are durable, long-lasting, and that will properly illuminate your bathroom. Consider dimmers that will further reduce how much electricity you use when your lights are on.  

Over to you

Revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It can be a DIY project with a bit of professional assistance for the most complex changes you wish to introduce. With a limited budget and with these ideas in mind, you can definitely bring new life to your bathroom without overburdening your wallet.

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