8 Ideas and Inspiration for Organizing Small Bathrooms

Organizing a small space can be challenging. That's because you have a limited area where you can place your belongings.


Organizing a small bathroom is not an exemption.


For one, you need to find a way to store toiletries and towels without taking too much counter space. Second, you need to ensure that it remains functional. Imagine taking a shower in a cramped space.


If you are searching for ideas on organizing your small bathroom, look no further. Here are eight bathroom design ideas that you can use:


Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are perfect solutions for tight spaces. That's because they take up much less space than other vanities or cabinets. Plus, it functions similar to that of a bathroom vanity mirror.


If not, you can put them against a wall or underneath a window or sink. That way, they won’t take up much space.


The one disadvantage of floating shelves is that they can be challenging to clean. That's because it’s hard to get to the back seam, where dust and dirt accumulate over time. However, their benefits outweigh their disadvantages in this case.


Lazy Susan

A significant concern in the bathroom is storage space. A Lazy Susan can help you save space in a small bathroom because it allows you to consolidate your toiletries. They provide the right amount of storage for smaller spaces, and they take up minimal floor space because they rotate.


You can even put a Lazy Susan on your bathroom sink space if you have limited space there as well. It’s a great place to put your toiletries without overcrowding the sink area.


Storage Ladder

Storage ladders can be used in a small bathroom as a towel rack. It will provide you with both storage and space for towels.


If your bathroom is small and lacks counter space, you can use your storage ladder to create more storage space by hanging towels. This way, you save floor space and keep all of your towels close at hand. Plus, they can be pretty charming additions to the bathroom.


Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips can be a great way to organize and store items in a small bathroom. They are easy to apply, and they don't take up much space, perfect for a small room.


Different magnetic strips exist, so it is crucial to pick the right one for your needs. You should also think about the items you want to hang on the strip before choosing what type of strip you will buy. Excellent use for them is to stick tweezers and nail clippers behind a cabinet door in your bathroom.


Tension Rods

Tension rods are great for hanging towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. That's because they take up minimal space and provide easy access. They also work well in bathrooms with enough towel bars or hooks.


For a clever trick, you can loop small plastic baskets on them and place them in your shower area for a much better way to store toiletries in the shower.


Mirror Cabinets

A mirror cabinet in small bathrooms is a great way to organize all the toiletries and other bathroom items. It also offers more storage space which can be very hard to come by in small bathrooms. It’s a neat way to tuck away the toiletries in your bathroom while also having a mirror to admire yourself in.


Bathroom Trays

Bathroom trays are typically designed for the commode. They are also used to provide additional storage space for toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, and other items. You can use bathroom trays in virtually any type of small bathroom because they take up no floor space.


They can also come in cute designs, so they add a visual element that enhances the overall look of your bathroom, no matter how small.


Storage Carts

For many small bathrooms, the use of storage carts can be a great way to save space and free up valuable floor space. They are an easy way to keep toiletries, towels, and other supplies off the floor while ensuring that everything is within reach.


Some benefits of bathroom storage carts include convenience and portability. That's because you can take it with you quickly if you move out, as well as style points.




Listed above are just a few things you can invest in to have an organized bathroom. That way, you can have a functional and visually pleasing space, no matter how small it is.


About the Author:

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