6 Affordable Ways To Brighten Up Your Backyard

Your backyard is your haven, your green space to relax and enjoy nature in private. Why not give it the dream renovation it deserves? From flourishing plant life to strategic lighting, you can give your garden the perfect redesign on any budget.

1.  Lawn

Depending on how large your backyard is, the lawn could be a key feature. A vibrant, healthy lawn will breathe life into your outdoor space. It is a great outside area to enjoy playing sports or relaxing with a book, no matter the size. 

Keeping your grass pristine might seem like a chore, but with deep watering, regular trimming, and occasional fertilizing, your lawn will be glowing. Pay attention to how lawn care differs across the year and keep it well protected for the winter frost.

2. Flowerbeds

Plants are a great way to add color and variety to your backyard. Whether you have potted plants on your patio or edge your garden with flowerbeds, there are many different species to make your backyard look extra vivid. You might even want to build a vegetable patch into your beds. 

You can easily make your own flower beds. Mark out the section of your backyard that you want to make into the bed, then along this line, use an edging tool or a shovel to divide the lawn. Redefine your borders regularly for an extra neat look. Enclose your flower beds with sleepers and fill the bed with healthy, nutritious soil. Check out native local plants that will really thrive.

3. Decking

One clever hack to make your garden seem more spacious is to split it into rooms. You might have your lawn area in the middle, your flowerbed and vegetable garden at the back, and your seating area by your house. 

To make your seating area stand out from the rest of the yard, you can install decking. This is a chance to get creative. There are plenty of different ways to style your decking to suit the look you’re going for, from hardwood flooring to decorative tiles. Also, consider how else you might individualize your yard by adding decor or a pergola.

Pro Tip: If you plan on using hardwood flooring, make sure you paint it with anti slip decking paint.

4. Furniture

Nice furniture can go a long way to adding to your backyard’s grandeur. We all know the feeling of dusting off the spiders and dirt each spring from the old plastic garden chairs that have been in the shed for years. 

Investing in new quality outdoor furniture can make your garden a much more enjoyable space. If you’re thinking of adding to your furniture, perhaps you could install a fire pit to liven up those colder evenings. 

If you’re on a tight budget, however, there are ways you can quickly spruce up your old benches, for example, with a lick of paint and some new cushions.

5. Background

Now that your garden is looking stylish and new, you’re going to want the backdrop to match. While you cannot help the views from your property, you can do something about your house. If the outside walls look dirty or shabby, it might be a good idea to repaint them. You don’t even have to pay a fortune to have a professional do the job; you can paint your walls yourself

If you don’t like the views from your backyard or are perhaps a bit too open to neighbors’ prying eyes, there are many affordable and attractive fences you can choose from, or get some wood and build one yourself.

6. Add style

Now for the finishing touches. Adding a light here or there and accessorizing your new backyard will give it the extra hint of glamor you’re craving. Lights or lanterns can be a great way to enjoy your garden after dark and make it a very friendly space. Think strategically about the kind of lights you want and where to place them. 

It might be nice to have a lantern or two in your outdoor dining area and fairy lights along the garden fence to light up your new flower bed. You can even have a go at making your own outdoor lanterns if your budget is low. 

Your backyard can quickly become your favorite part of your property. With just a few embellishes and good care of the plants and lawn, you will want to show it off to all the neighbors. 

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