5 Bathroom Space-Saving Ideas Using tubs

Who says you can't enjoy a nice, warm soak in a bathtub in a small bathroom? Indeed, bathtubs can occupy a lot of space. But with some smart design techniques, you can maximize the bathroom's space while still saving room for a classy tub. 


Get ready to transform your small bathroom into a blissful soaking station. These new bathroom ideas will help you make more space out of a small room using unique storage and space-saving furniture. 


Stand Alone Tubs With Shower

Contractors usually merge the tub and shower by creating a bathtub-shower stall area. Although this saves space and gives you the benefit of a shower and soak, it looks unimpressive and outdated. So, instead of a traditional design, why not use free standing tubs? 

There are many stand alone tubs with shower styles to choose from. You can go with a freestanding rectangular tub, a claw foot tub, or a classic small oval-shaped freestanding tub. 

Match the shower attachment with the style of the tub for a seamless design. You can select from a mixer shower, a wall-mounted rain shower, or a classic-style shower fixture. 

Opt for a small freestanding tub instead of a full one. With small tubs, you can enjoy a relaxing soak without taking up too much space. There are several new freestanding tub in small bathroom designs and styles to choose from to work with your limited space.   


Alcove Bathtub With Secret Storage

Alcove tubs save you a lot of space as it's constructed along a wall. These tubs can have two or three sides exposed. Most homeowners opt to cover these parts with wood or tile, but you may use these sides to hold different items if you have a small bathroom.


You can use these areas to keep bathroom accessories and cleaning supplies. If you want to keep a seamless surround design, you can opt for secret storage. 

Use sliding faux covers to hide cleaning brushes, cleaning products, etc. Instead of a sliding lid, you can use a push and open cabinet door. Use one side of the alcove tub as low shelves to keep supplies or display some decorative items.


Use Corner Tubs

The most space-saving tub design is a corner tub, as it allows you to enjoy a relaxing spa-like soak even in a compact bathroom. Most corner tubs come with rounded edges, but you can also find other designs and shapes. There are corner deep bowl-type tubs that look like a large coffee cup, while Jacuzzi-type corner tubs are also popular. 


In addition, you can use the bathtub corner to hold some bathroom essentials. Add a small shelf to keep products like shampoos, liquid soaps, moisturizers, etc. A small window near the tub can also hold decorative items. 

And just like alcove bathtubs, you can use the space underneath a corner tub. Construct a hidden cabinet to keep all your bathroom supplies and cleaning supplies. Adding a low shelf to hold towels, soaps, and tissue rolls is a clever way to maximize the space.  


Hidden Japanese Tubs

The Japanese have unique space-saving furniture and home designs, and their bathrooms are no exception. They use all the areas of the bathroom, even in and around the tub and washing area. 

A Japanese-style tub is a soaking tub made of wood. Most tubs like these are small, just enough for you to sit with your knees tucked close to your chest. The tub design already saves space as it occupies only a fraction of the space of a regular-sized tub. But the Japanese have cleverly added other space-saving features.

The unique idea is to place the tub lower than the bathroom flooring. Cover the top of the tub with a wooden lid to use as a seat. Cover the tub if you want to sit and shower. Or you can remove the seat or cover to soak. 

Another idea is to use a round tub instead of a square tub. Round Japanese wooden tubs are smooth and come with a small seat inside where you can stay comfortably as you bathe. 

Place this in the corner of your small bathroom or as a freestanding soaking tub. It won't occupy so much space as traditional free standing bathtubs.


Another idea is to use a round tub instead of a square tub. Traditional round Japanese wooden tubs have a smooth surface. These are made from Hinoki wood and come with a small seat inside where you can stay comfortably as you bathe. 


Foldable Bathtubs

Opt for a foldable bathtub to help maximize your bathroom space. There are several designs and bathtub sizes to choose from. There's a portable Japanese tub-inspired foldable bathtub made of solid material with rigid plastic poles. You can sit on a stool and take a long relaxing soak comfortably in this tub.

You can also take advantage of a portable and foldable full-sized tub. This kind comes with plastic and soft rubber materials that fold away after use. You can sit or soak with your legs relaxed in this kind of foldable tub.

Some foldable bathtubs come with drainage holes and optional shower and faucet attachments. You can take a foldable tub anywhere, even when you travel, in your RV, or outdoors. As most of these are light materials, you need to take extra care when handling and cleaning. 



Don't let a small bathroom get in the way of your dream of soaking in your bathtub. You can work around a small space with innovative storage ideas and space-saving bathtubs. Use corner tubs and Japanese-style tubs instead of large tubs to make the most of your limited space. 

If you're renovating a small bathroom, think about having shelves along the tub area and using hidden places. If you're constructing a new bathroom setup, consider your needs like a tub for soaking, relaxing, or showering. By noting these factors and applying these suggestions, you'll have your dreamy, cozy bathroom in no time. 


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