Small Living Room Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space


Well-thought-out furniture placement, along with a few other strategies, can trick your eye into thinking that your small living room is bigger than it appears. No magic involved — it's just smart styling and thoughtful layout strategy.


To make the most out of your limited space, consider using alternative furniture choices. Cube stools that can be tucked under a coffee table, storage beds, or multifunctional sofas are going to be your greatest allies. Paint the walls a light color, and with everything else in the room, stick to pale tones such as cream, white or grey. If you can't resist bold colors, add a feature wall in a warm shade.


Additionally, try to resign from the heavy curtains and let more natural light in — you can replace them with blinds. Use mirrors, as they help create an illusion of space. Finally, swap your big bulky sofa for a cozy armchair or get a modern corner sofa up the storage potential. The possibilities are endless!


Read on for more inspiration and small living room ideas that will help you make the most of your space.


Purchase Low-Profile Furniture


Purchasing furniture that is low profile can be beneficial for your interior design. You can use low-profile sofas, for example, that will fit into your room perfectly and will not take up much space. Alternatively, you can browse modern corner sofas to get an additional seating option.


You can also use a sectional sofa that will allow you to adjust its shape depending on your needs. Another good idea is to use a sofa bed as it will give you extra space when you need it and will turn into a regular sofa at other times. In addition, you can use a smaller but multifunctional coffee table instead of a regular one.


Put Up Some Extra Mirrors


Mirrors are a common element of interior design, as (apart from their primary purpose) they help make small spaces look bigger. In addition, they come in different shapes and sizes, with some featuring decorations or frames. Mirrors are an excellent addition to your living room as they allow you to create a wide-open feel, reflecting both natural and artificial lights, thus making the room feel more spacious. Alternatively, you can buy a coffee table with a reflective surface.


Choose Paint Colours Carefully


When choosing paint colors, the best thing you can do is pick light and warm tones. Try neutral colors such as cream, white, or grey - they will make your room feel larger and brighter, thus more welcoming, without taking too much attention away from the room's other elements, such as furniture and accessories. Plus, they will go well with pretty much anything, so you will be free to arrange and rearrange the room however and as many times you please.


You can also use warmer colors, such as yellow, orange, or red - choose a shade that complements the other room's elements. For a better effect, try to combine it with neutral colors. For instance, you can use a bright orange wall with cream furniture and accessories. In addition, bright colors help create a happy and welcoming atmosphere - after all, your living room is where you spend a significant part of your free time.


Buy Multifunctional Furniture


When you have a small living room, you might not have many options for furniture placement. Usually, the most practical thing you can do is purchase multifunctional items, such as storage beds or storage stools that can be tucked under your coffee table; the said coffee table can have a shelf and a drawer, which will allow you to store smaller items and hide them from sight. A corner shelf or a stand can also be used for this purpose.


Additionally, you can buy a sofa with a storage compartment for your blankets and pillows. You can also think about purchasing a couch with a foldable option, as it will allow you to free up space when you need it.


Add Some Colourful Accents


If you want to make your small living room stand out, you can use some colourful accents. A nice idea is to paint one of the walls a bright colour, ideally one that will complement the rest of the room's neutral colours. You can also use some wallpapers or even large paintings to create an additional focal point.


Another option is to use colourful furniture, such as chairs or sofas. A bright red armchair, for example, will draw attention to itself, but will also complement the rest of the room's colours. Or, alternatively, you can use rugs with bright patterns on them. If you don't like adding too much colour to your living room, you can at least choose accessories with bright colours - for example, throw pillows or table lamps.


Keep It Simple


Another thing you can do to make your room feel larger is by keeping it minimalistic. Minimalism is all about arranging your furniture in a way that there is plenty of space between them. Having too many elements in the same room can make it feel smaller, while adding more will not give you any visual benefit. Minimalism is not about the lack of things, but about the right amount of them.


It's also important to keep your room clutter-free. Having too many things in the living room will make it feel smaller and overwhelming. You don't want that, so it's best to remove objects that are unnecessary or that you don't use that often. The space you free up by doing this will help your room feel lighter and more spacious.




There you have it — six simple ways to make your living space feel much bigger and more comfortable. You can mix and match them to your heart's desire, limited only by factors like the style you are going for and available furniture options. Nevertheless, if you keep things light and minimalistic, your small living room will feel even more spacious than it already is.


With that being said, remember that your living room is supposed to be a space where you can relax with friends and family. As such, try to furnish it in a way that will be the most beneficial for you. Thanks to it, every moment you spend within your four walls will be that much more enjoyable.


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