Ways To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is full of so many things: fun, trips, relaxation and so much more. But a certain amount of work and preparation must come before the frolicking and fun, especially for your home. There is work to be done to your home to make it ready for the summer season, so before summer sets in be sure to get your home ready so that you and your family can enjoy summer to the fullest.  

Clean the Exterior

A large amount of the work that will need to be undertaken will be outside. Winter winds can be harsh, and spring storms bring more wind and debris, so cleaning the remnants of winter and spring off of your house is a good place to start. Pressure washing your home is a great place to start. This will ensure that the dirt and grime do not get baked on the house by the summer sun and heat. Getting the grime and grit off the house from the previous seasons will be much easier to do prior to summer than after the summer heat, especially since summer will bring its own grime.

Clean Your Gutters

The next outdoor task will take you up a bit higher. Cleaning your gutters is another task to have on your to-do list. Be sure to use a scaffold or an extension ladder so that you safely access your gutters. It is important to clear the gutters of any leaves remaining from the autumn so that summer rains can pass through your gutters without difficulty. 

Prepare the Yard and Landscaping

To better enjoy your time outside, another item on your pre-summer to-do list should focus on making the outdoors as beautiful as possible. Your yard may be filled with stray tree limbs from winter and spring storms. Prior to the first mow of the spring, you should walk your yard and collect all the limbs and any other debris that may have blown into your yard. This will make mowing safer and faster and will make the yard look much better.

Taking care of the outside also includes refreshing your landscaping. If you have mulch, it is necessary to weed the area and refill the area with fresh mulch. You may elect to plant annual or perennial flowers or bushes in the mulched areas to further enhance the beauty of your landscaping.  

Clean the Windows 

One of the next things to do--so that the beauty that comes with summer (and your hard work) can be seen unobscured--is to clean the windows. To get the best results, you should clean both the inside and the outside of your windows. Use whatever cleaner you like, but be sure that your windows have all the dirt and fingerprints removed with no streaks remaining on the windows. 

Take Care of Miscellaneous Matters

There are some items that are necessary to tend to depending on your property. For instance, if you have a chimney, it may be best to go ahead and sweep the chimney before the summer so that you are prepared for the next time a fire is needed. And if you have a swimming pool, it is, of course, critical for your summer plans that you have your pool chemicals ready and your pool clean so that once the temperature allows for swimming you, your family and friends can swim. Whatever the case, evaluate your property to determine what things might be necessary to have your home ready for summer.

Once the weather is sunny and the draw to be outside is at its highest, you will not want to begin working on your home to ready it for summer. Be sure that you take the time in the spring when the weather is more temperate to tackle your to-do list, so that when summer comes you are ready to enjoy it. 

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