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Besides an allergy pill, how else can you prevent allergens from affecting your activities of daily living? Inside your home, many things could be exacerbating the allergens. For example, everyone loves their pet. But are they hypoallergenic? Making small changes will improve the quality of your health.

Using Furniture Protectors

When thinking about allergens, you’d never believe that your furniture would cause a breakout. The couch, bed, and other deep surfaces hold mold, pet dander, mildews, and, most importantly, dust mites. The best way to control allergies at home is by purchasing a pillow and mattress protector for the rooms in your home. They will drastically improve your skin and breathing.

Checking the Air Filters

Keeping your air filters clean will make sure that the air quality in your home is excellent. Clean filters are essential because the air filters can trap and collect the dirt that would otherwise recirculate around your house. The best air filter for people with allergies is HEPA or carbon. Having the right air filter for your home is essential.

Using a Humidifier

A humidifier works to introduce moisture into the air and soothe the irritation caused by mucus. With allergies, you’ll notice an increasing amount of mucus. Using a humidifier while you sleep and cutting down on the dairy will help eliminate irritated membranes.

Dusting Frequently

One of the easiest ways to control allergies at home is by dusting! Add dusting into your cleaning routines for all appliances, webs, vents, and of course, the air ducts. Dusting will help eliminate anything that’s not supposed to be in your home. In addition, dusting the vents and air ducts ensures that all the air circulating is not full of allergens trying to escape.

Reducing Dander

I’m sorry to tell you that if you have an animal that sheds any type of fur, you may have to part ways with it. Dander can cause wheezing and irritation when you’re allergic to it. The wheezing is your airways slowly closing. Reducing dander is critical because it may be the most severe allergen in your home.

Let’s stay active in the fight against allergens and reduce the number of times your local pharmacy sees you. Asthma or eczema may not be the overall cause of your issues. Get an allergy test to find out.

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