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Storms often make homeowners nervous, and for good reason. The high winds and heavy precipitation can easily knock over trees, crack glass, and cause leaks throughout a home. Make sure your home is prepared for spring weather changes with these ways to care for your home during a storm.

Prepare Your Landscaping

If you have trees and shrubs on your property, you need to get them ready for storm season. Prune dead branches from your bushes and hire an expert tree service to inspect your trees. They can tell you how healthy the trees on your property are and whether they present any danger to your home or power lines.

Move Outdoor Furniture Inside

At the very least, you should bring in your seasonal decorations, as well as any pillows and small potted plants from your front and back porches. If you expect strong winds at a hurricane or tornado level, you should put most, if not all, of your outdoor plants and furniture in the garage. You don’t want heavy objects flying into your home or your neighbor’s, and moving your outdoor items inside will help prevent this from happening.

Lower Your Flagpole

One of the many benefits of using a telescoping flagpole is that the entire thing collapses in a matter of seconds. This means you can bring your flag inside when there’s bad weather, prolonging the life of your flag and your pole. If you don’t have a telescoping flagpole, at least spend some time detaching the flag so it doesn’t get damaged in the storm.

Get the Towels and Buckets Ready

Storms are notorious for causing leaks in your roof—and foundation, if you have a basement. Make sure you have several buckets and old towels ready so you can care for your home during a storm. The buckets can keep roof leaks from causing water damage to your floors, while towels do the same for water that comes up through the ground.

These techniques should help you take good care of your home even when there’s bad weather. Don’t forget to give your home a thorough inspection after the storms have passed so you can keep tabs on any damage.

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