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Every expanding family needs the size of their home to accommodate their needs and help everyone fit in. As your family unit increases, you will need to add more space or adjust the space you currently have. Here’s a collection of ways for growing families to expand their spaces.

Get Creative With Storage

One troubling issue that bigger families encounter is storage space. Storage space keeps a house organized and helps family members remember where their things are. If you’re about to have another child but don’t have any room to spare, try altering a room to feature adjustable storage. It doesn’t matter what size room you use for the nursery as long as it has reliable storage that’s easy to customize.

The reason to focus on storage in a limited-sized nursery is to create more space for the baby’s things. Besides closet space for clothes, you could install wall shelving and opt for a dresser instead of a changing table to make diaper changes easier and faster.

Reorganize Your Furniture

In addition to storage solutions, think about your furniture. You can easily move furniture around the room to make the space feel bigger. Or, if you have extra space in other rooms, move some furniture there. If you have an extra desk, consider moving it to another room or buying something smaller.

Sometimes, switching out furniture for something smaller saves space and money. If you want to invest in smart furniture pieces, think about getting convertible furniture. Some couch manufacturers sell furniture with Velcro that allows you to attach the pieces in different ways so that you can rearrange the furniture to your liking.

Create More Space in the Basement

You may have heard to expand upward if you want to add an addition to your house, but what if you could convert downward? In other words, create more space in the basement! This is an especially great idea for families with older children that can independently clean, cook, and be responsible for themselves.

While your home may be small in size, it can appear bigger if you have structured organization and rearrangeable furniture. Look around the house, and you’ll find unused space that you can take advantage of as your family grows. Use these space expansion ideas for your growing family.

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