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Anyone who’s ever tried to do something special with their backyard decorations has probably run into the same issue: coming up with something that hasn’t been done a million times before. Even when you have that euphoric moment of coming up with an amazing idea, you usually end up ruining it when you check the internet and find 20 pictures of people who have beaten you to it. It can be quite frustrating, and while we don’t have any brand-new ideas for you, we did manage to find some unique ways to personalize your yard that haven’t been done to death. And yes, we realize making this list might ruin the distinctiveness of these ideas, but we wanted to share them anyway.

Utilizing Old Watering Cans

We’re sure that you’ve all seen the watering can getting used as a planter trick before, but if you have an old metal one lying around still, there are a couple of other ideas you can do with it. One possibility that we’ve seen pop up in a few places is hanging it up over a flowerbed and stringing some lights down off of the nozzle. It’s pretty eye-catching, especially at night.

However, if you want to use the can more practically, you can use it at the top of a homemade water fountain. This one will need a bit more know-how, but if you take the time and watch a tutorial or two on YouTube for making your own water fountain, we’re sure you’d be able to pull this off.

New Ways To Use Flowerpots

Flowerpots are probably one of the most common yard fixture out there, so it’s nice when someone does something remarkable with them. One such example that we’ve seen is tipping it over and planting a flowerbed coming out of it. You have to make sure you get the angle right, so the pot doesn’t block off the flowers’ sunlight, but the results speak for themselves.

Possibly the most unique way to personalize your yard that we’ve seen is to take a bunch of old pots and build them into a humanoid looking character. The pot that you use for the head can then have some flowering in it, but painting the others to look like a flowerpot person is a fun way to do something different.

Make-Over for Your Manhole Cover

It’s always unfortunate when your dream home has an unsightly object that you can’t do anything about, like a fire hydrant or a manhole cover. Manholes, in particular, have many purposes that most people don’t even know about.

Nevertheless, they still don’t look great in your front yard. Luckily, most covers can be altered or changed, so we’d recommend decorating them as you see fit. If you have one in the middle of the grass, you can paint it to make it blend in or stand out in a more pleasing way. If it’s in your driveway, you can really have some fun and create a whole painting based around it.

If you aren’t artistic enough, you can simply buy a new cover with personalization that includes your family name or something meaningful to you. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but it’s good to know that the options are there.

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