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Water, heat, and wear and tear can put a lot of stress on important parts of your home. Schedule these annual checkups to keep your home in good shape.

Home ownership is a rewarding pursuit and a major goal in life. But achieving that goal doesn’t mean your work is done. Your home requires routine tune-ups and check-ins to keep everything in fine working condition. Put together a calendar featuring these types of annual routine maintenance to schedule, from tasks you can do yourself to those that will require professional expertise.

Smoke Detector Batteries

Never let your smoke detector batteries go unchanged. Pick a day that’s easy to remember—most people use the changes to and from daylight saving time—and make that your day to change out the batteries. The smoke detectors themselves generally last about ten years, but your batteries will need an annual replacement to keep you safe.

Furnace Check

You definitely don’t want any carbon monoxide traveling through your home’s ducts. Your furnace is a hardworking piece of machinery with a lot of parts that can fail. Each year in early fall, just before it’s time to put your furnace to work for the season, schedule an annual tune-up with a local HVAC technician. They’ll take a look at your system and, hopefully, verify everything is in working order. If there are issues to resolve, such as a failing pilot light or cracks in the heat exchanger, they’ll be able to catch them before they make your home uncomfortable or, worse, unsafe.


Unlike your furnace, your roof doesn’t exactly have a lot of moving parts. But your roof is exposed to the elements 365 days a year, and whether you live in a climate with four distinct seasons or one with long and hot summers, changes in temperature and humidity can wear out your roof. Ice accumulation can also be particularly hard on your shingles. Try to get up on the roof once a year to make sure no leaks are developing. If you need repairs or don’t trust yourself to climb the ladder, it’s best to call a professional.

Sump Pump Check

The types of annual routine maintenance to schedule will take you from your roof to your basement. Spring thaws can be hard on sump pumps, especially after very snowy winters. Much like your furnace, your sump pump can lie idle for some time until it’s thrust back into service, during which time issues that don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late can arise. If you live in an area where your sump pump is routinely put to the test, have a qualified plumber examine your sump pump for signs of corrosion or blockage.

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