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Getting into legal situations can be complicated and expensive. Having some help along the way is nice, but knowing who to turn to can be difficult. Luckily, professionals are available for a fee to help you deal with your criminal and civil problems. Below are the top reasons to hire a private investigator.

Fraud Cases

Fraud cases can be challenging to litigate because of the need to separate fact from fiction. Courts generally admit only information that is undeniably truthful. A private investigator can help you collect and organize pertinent information to aid your case.

Misrepresenting facts can get you in a lot of trouble. Having a private investigator on your side will ensure you don’t miss any critical details. A PI can conduct background checks and ask about an individual to obtain as much evidence as possible.

Missing Persons

Another reason you might want to hire a private investigator is to find a missing person. Authorities can only help so much and often must receive public pressure to investigate a case thoroughly. While police may file a report, this usually isn’t enough to give families closure about their loved ones.

By conducting their own investigations, private investigators can often find clues and other pertinent information that official agencies missed. Hiring a PI can even help you put additional pressure on local law enforcement and get them to help with your search.

Custody Battles

If you’re going through a divorce, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator to help you win custody. Deciding who gets to take care of children is an important decision, and courts often base their judgment on the characters involved and their standings as citizens.

Hiring a private investigator for surveillance can give you insight into whether your ex-spouse is the right person to raise the kids. If you believe your child’s other parent is abusing or neglecting them, a PI can help you prove it to the courts.

Get the Facts From a Private Investigator

While private investigators don’t live the exciting lives you see on TV, they offer an essential service that can inform your decision-making and help you navigate the law. There are many reasons to hire a private investigator, but fraud cases, missing persons, and custody battles are some of the most significant.

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