Top Places in Washington to Move to in Retirement

Washington State can be a fantastic option for retirees. The state is famous for its various landscapes, such as dense forests and beautiful coastlines. Keeping such factors as the cost of living, access to healthcare, choosing the right movers, and many others, the following are the best places in Washington to move to retire.

This guide explores top destinations across the state, each offering unique attributes and benefits that cater to a fulfilling retirement. Whether you seek scenic beauty, urban conveniences, or a tight-knit community, Washington's varied settings ensure everyone can find their ideal locale to enjoy their golden years.

Practical Tips for a Seamless Move to Washington:

When planning your move to a retirement location in Washington, it's important to consider the challenges it presents. Most importantly, a competent crew can assist with the complexities of long-distance moving and safely transporting your belongings to your new home.

Start planning early, ideally, several months in advance, to have ample time for sorting and downsizing your possessions to fit your new living space. Maintain organization by keeping a detailed checklist of moving tasks and a file for important documents like contracts and utility setups.

Additionally, secure your healthcare arrangements before the move—transfer prescriptions and identify new healthcare providers near your new home. If possible, visiting your future home several times can also help you acclimate and integrate into the community more comfortably. These steps will help you manage the move with confidence and ease.

Olympia – The State Capital:

Retirees who are looking for a peaceful yet at the same time active environment should look no further than Olympia. The state capital is warm and welcoming with plenty of green spaces and stunning views. There are plenty of affordable housing options both in peaceful neighborhoods and in those more active ones.

The healthcare system in Olympia is superb. Olympia has plenty of respectable hospitals and specialty clinics where you can complete a procedure or undertake treatment. The city also has theaters for plays, cinemas, and music venues, as well as art galleries. Finally, no one is bored here or lonely.

Every year, Olympia hosts various festivals and events. Those striving for the right balance will enjoy Olympia. It is both peaceful and nerve-racking. 

Gig Harbor – One of the Top Places in Washington to Move to in Retirement:

Gig Harbor takes the next spot on our list. This is a peaceful waterfront town. Gig Harbor has a lively arts scene. There are many galleries, studios, and craft shops. Those living in Gig Harbor spend their days boating, fishing, and having peaceful walks.

But the most important thing about Gig Harbor is its active senior community. It provides many social and recreational opportunities tailored to older adults. Also, with its excellent healthcare facilities and an affordable cost of living, Gig Harbor is one of the best retirement destinations.

Spokane – Eastern Washington’s Hub:

Our next top place for retirees brings us to Eastern Washington and Spokane. This area is a thriving economic and cultural center. The affordable cost of living is one of the best things about Spokane. The housing options are affordable and diverse as well.

Culture is also very important in Spokane. The Spokane Symphony plays a key role in promoting the arts scene. Annual events like the Hoopfest bring the community together. There are plenty of green spaces. Residents can enjoy the parks, trails, and areas for fishing, perfect for retirement. Spokane also has a great healthcare system. The city's mix of city life and nature, along with great community amenities, makes it a great option for retirement.

Bellingham – Between the Mountains and the Sea:

Bellingham is such a cute coastal town. It is a place for those who are forever young at heart. There are a lot of forests for walking and riding, and there are even lakes for water sports. The other benefit is the people around you. People here are friendly and open to new people.

The local university enriches the community with various learning and cultural events that encourage lifelong education. There are also plenty of quality healthcare facilities with a focus on senior health and wellness.

Walla Walla – The Wine Country:

Walla Walla is another great option for retirees. Its two main attractions are its beautiful landscapes and great wine. The community here is warm and welcoming. Also, retirees won't be bored here. There are plenty of cultural events that attract all ages. Wine tours, music festivals, theatrical performances, etc.

The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is one of the highlights and a great opportunity for the community to get together. Healthcare is easily accessible, with a great focus on seniors and their problems. Walla Walla offers both the small-town charm and the urban city amenities.

There is something for everyone. With its great healthcare, cultural offerings and gorgeous landscapes Walla Walla is one of the top places in Washington to move to in retirement.

Extra Tip: Choosing the Right Moving Company for Retirees

For retirees, finding a moving company that understands their needs is essential for ensuring a smooth transition into retirement living. It's important to choose movers who are experienced in handling the challenges that may come with relocating later in life. Verified Movers Reviews offers a valuable resource in this regard—a comprehensive database where you can read reviews and assess the reliability and quality of moving companies.

This platform helps people select a service that meets their logistical requirements and shows sensitivity to their circumstances. You can use the experiences shared by previous customers to make an informed decision and choose the best movers for you. 


These destinations showcase the diversity and attractiveness of places in Washington to move to in retirement. Each location offers different things. Recalling the cultural richness of Olympia, the urban amenities of Spokane, the natural beauty of Bellingham, or Walla Walla’s wine country charm, one can plan a move and create the retirement of their dream.

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