Top 3 Advantages of Having a Private Well |

American households typically get home water from two sources: the municipal water system or a private well. If you’ve never relied on well water, you might wonder why others use it.

Depending on your circumstances, a private well might be a great option for your household. Find out the top three advantages of having a private well.

Reduce Water Costs

In many cases, you will pay less for well water than for public water. In these inflationary times, many homeowners around the country are seeing their water costs spike. Cities pass on the cost of treatment, delivery, and infrastructure upgrades to the end-user in their monthly bill.

If you’re drilling a new well, the upfront cost will take a while to earn back. After that, you’re responsible for maintaining the well structure and treating the water as needed.

Possibly Increase Property Value

Another advantage of having a private well is that this feature can increase your property value. As with any upgrades to your home, a few factors influence the value.

Consider the type of well, its age, and the condition of the water. Irrigation wells on a farm can increase property value. A well that supplies drinking water for residential use becomes an attractive feature for people who don’t want to rely on the municipal water system.

Treat Your Own Water

A private well is great because you have more control over your water treatment. While the EPA sets standards for drinking water quality, these rules don’t apply to privately-owned wells. This means you’ll have a great responsibility, but a private well is a great option if you want to control your water quality.

When choosing a drinking water filter for your home, you’ll have to test your well water for contaminants. The type of filter you use will depend on the services you need. Home filtration systems operate simply and require very little maintenance. In return, you have refreshing water that’s just as healthy as it tastes.

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