Toilet Wax Ring Replacement – Cost

Toilet Wax Ring Replacement – How Much Does It Cost?

A toilet wax ring replacement, while not a time-consuming do-it-yourself task, is a finnicky job that might be better left to a professional. It’s one of those plumbing activities that homeowners complain about as the seal often leaks after installing it, and, unfortunately, you usually must use another fresh wax ring once you’ve botched the job. Centering and lowering the heavy toilet correctly on the bolts is unwieldy and where most installs fail.

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When would you need to replace the toilet wax ring? Well, if you notice any leaking around the base of the toilet, the seal has been broken. If you are installing a new bathroom floor, you will likely want to remove the toilet in order to tile up to the base. This necessitates a wax ring replacement. Another instance might be if your sewer backs up, as this often breaks the seal. You will know if it's broken by seeping fluid around the base.

Replacing toilet rings gets especially tricky if there are dips or bulges in area of the floor that houses the toilet. Sometimes you might even need to stack two rings to compensate for the gap. While you may want to attempt the project if you have an extra bathroom to use, if you only have one, you probably want to hire a professional plumber or handyman to do the job—just so you know it’s done right.


How much does it cost? It can vary depending on your location and how quickly you need it. $90-$120 is a good ballpark. If you are having other plumbing work done, they might do it cheaper, and if they have a large travel fee, you may pay closer to $150. Unless there is a problem, it should take them under a half hour, whereas, it might take a novice 1.5-2 hours. For a free quote, contact

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