7 Key Tips for Shipping Moving Boxes Safely

It can be an intimidating task to ship moving boxes, but with key tips and tricks, you can guarantee a smooth and safe transit for your personal possessions. Whether you are planning to move to a new house or transfer packages to another person, these seven strategic tips and tricks aid you in navigating the prowess with convenience.


1. Select the Right Boxes:

The basic principle of safe shipping begins with choosing the right boxes. Select sturdy strong boxes made of corrugated cardboard material so that it can resist the hassles of transit. Strengthen the bottom with due care by wrapping more tape to avoid any possible damage from bottom accidents during the move.

  • Pros: It allows sufficient protection for items

  • Cons: Insufficient boxes may cause damage to the items


When selecting the boxes, consider the size and mass of the goods. Heavy goods should be placed in boxes that have smaller sizes in order to avoid overloading, while items that are lightweight can be packed in bigger boxes. Moreover, reusing the boxes might be enticing, but ensure that they are in proper condition and not debilitated by previous use.


2. Pack Items Safely:

When there is a process of shipping moving boxes, the strategy is to gently pack your goods safely in order to avoid any leakage during the journey. It is recommended to use bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts to stuff any gaps and allow a comfortable adjustment.

Breakable items should be separately wrapped for enhanced protection.


  • Pros: Reduces the probability of damage
  • Cons: Overpacking may maximize the costs of shipping


Consider the quality of your items when packing. Fragile items like glassware or electronics may require extra wrapping for protection, and flinging heavy items at the bottom of the box can prevent the items from crushing. Pack any empty area with a soft foam sheet for cushioning as this provided potential support during the move.


3. Label the boxes Accordingly:

Efficient labeling is essential for effective and secure shipping. Clearly label each box with its relevant content and signify if it’s breakable or fragile. It not only aids in guiding shippers to handle the boxes with reasonable care but also helps both sender and receiver in prioritizing during the step of unpacking items.


  • Pros: Convenient identification and orderly unpacking
  • Cons: Time-taking if not managed properly


Make a clear inventory checklist and attach it to the outside of each box. Use bold and clear permanent markers to distinguish rooms or relevant categories, making it simpler for both you and the movers to get informed during the process of packing and vice versa.


4. Use Best-Quality Packing Tape:

Investing in the best-quality packing tape is a small but practical decision. It adds an additional layer of safety, making it obvious that your boxes are undamaged throughout your move. Don’t rely on tape only, as it's only a simple solution to avoid the probability of your boxes opening during the journey.

  • Pros: Allows integrity of the box during the shipping process.

  • Cons: Might include the overall cost of shipping


When closing your boxes, use an organized tapping trick. Strengthen all seams and sides, and remember to add an additional tape layer to the bottom to keep it intact. This special attention to detail can avoid unexpected openings and offer a double protection layer.


5. Find more Shipping Options:

Before closing your boxes, detailed research on available options for shipping. Different companies offer ideal services, in a manner of its own pricing and delivery speed. Acknowledge factors for instance time, distance, budget, and urgency so that you should be in a position to choose the best option that suits your requirements.


  • Pros: Allows you to select the most appropriate service for shipping
  • Cons: Time-taking if not completed quickly


Search for other carriers and shipping options, including road, air, or other options for freight. Some movers may also offer discounts for shipments in bulk or offer services of package tracking as part of their regular offerings. Make sure to confirm any extra fees which

Applied to your shipment status.


6. Insurance Service for Added Safety:

Securing your valuable belongings is mandatory. Many shipping companies provide insurance opportunities for enhanced protection against potential damage or loss. While it may cost you additionally, having an insurance claim can minimize your stress, especially when transporting valuable and confidential items.  


  • Pros: Financial security against potential damage or loss.
  • Cons: Additional cost to the total cost of Shipping

Consider the insurance policies provided by different movers and select the one that corresponds with the value of your possessions. Make sure that some moving service providers have restrictions on specific items, so confirm about limitations before buying a policy.


7. Trace and Track Shipments:

Once your boxes are in the shipment process, use monitoring and tracking services offered by the shipping company. Tracking allows you to observe the actual progress of your shipment, giving your shipment, further allowing you to monitor visibility and encouragement until the boxes arrive at their final position.


  • Pros: Actual monitoring for peacefulness

  • Cons: Can be stressful if the tracking system is not reliable.


Stay connected with the process of tracking shipment and arrange notifications for final updates on your shipment. If there are any delays or problems, continuous communication with the mover can often provide a quick picture of the whole movement. Hiving this picture gives you a feeling of confidence that you are in complete control and well aware of the situation.



Shipping moving boxes securely involves multiple factors like careful planning and seamless execution. By following these seven crucial tips and tricks, you can probably guarantee that your items arrive at their destination safely and ready for a new phase of life. Find out more at Billy.com and discover cost-efficient moving services. Keep in mind that a small effort makes a huge difference. So opt for the best shipping options in order to make the process seamless and hassle-free.

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