Things to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to the property may seem like solely a financial issue, but it will take more than that for you to have this water feature in your backyard. You need to know certain aspects of its construction, operation, and maintenance to choose what’s best for you and your lifestyle. So, prior to sending invitations for the grand opening, here are some things to consider before installing a swimming pool.

Prepare the budget

The first thing is to examine your finances and figure out how much you can put aside for the swimming pool. We suggest you create two budgets — one that you can form without going into debt and another that will include loaning money from banks and people in your life.

This is important because a swimming pool will cost you additionally in the long run, namely through electricity and water bills. Coming up with a sum you can comfortably spend and the ability to bear future expenses regardless of how low they will be is crucial to enjoying the perks of this outdoor amenity.

Find the best type for your property

Before you start interviewing swimming pool builders, find out the basics that can help you make a better deal. The pools differ by the type of material used to build them — concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl.

Once you decide which one you want and if it fits into your budget, you have to decide on filters, cleaning, maintenance, and other characteristics that will define future maintenance. Knowing as much as you can about swimming pools will give you an upper hand when negotiating terms and conditions with builders and maintenance services. 

Choose the perfect shape

The shape of your swimming pool is a matter of aesthetics, seeing it as a way to upgrade and improve the look of your outdoor area. It can give your house curb appeal and raise the selling price if you decide to place it on the market one day. However, it’s also about choosing the shape that will meet your needs.

For example, if you like to swim and see it as regular physical activity, then a rectangular shape will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want to have a spot to cool off, entertain guests, and just relax, then a kidney-shaped one may be better. You can also choose a custom-made shape, which may increase building expenses, but give you enhanced visual allure.

Invest in accompanying landscaping

The key to creating an enjoyable swimming pool is giving it an equally gorgeous surrounding area. Think of the theme you want to achieve and come up with an appropriate landscape design. For example, if you want to make the pool area exotic, plant tropical plants, like palms.

Decide whether you want a seating area or just room for sunbathing, what plants to grow in the yard, and whether you should use stones or concrete for pathways. When it comes to lighting, we suggest choosing solar models that will lower your electricity bill and don’t require any special installation such as laying wires.

Consider adding attractive features

A pool can be as elaborate as you want it to be. This is done with additional features that will make it more attractive and fun, like a slide. Today, you can have caves, bridges, hills, and waterfalls in your pool area, as well as structures around it.

An outdoor kitchen, a bar, or a BBQ can turn your swimming pool into a place to hold parties or family gatherings. A pool house can be a place to keep bathing suits, have a shower, and store chairs so you avoid bringing water into the main building. A shade is always a good idea, especially if you love summer rains and want to enjoy them outside by the pool.  

Get all appropriate permits

The most boring part of installing a swimming pool is bureaucracy. You can’t start building without getting all the necessary permits, which means you need to know the zoning laws for your neighbourhood. In some extreme cases, you may even have problems installing one if that isn't in line with the rules and regulations governing your area.

Local building codes may require special types of fences, insurance, respecting noise policy, following a certain design, and other restrictions. Some are so strict that not being able to follow them can lead to the denial of a building permit or a hefty financial sum. 

The bottom line

Installing a swimming pool can be more than a dream if you plan it carefully. Moreover, work with your builders to create the closest structure to the pool you desire. The most important thing to consider is a budget and once you have it set, you can easily add other things, like design and landscaping ideas.

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