The Most Common Home Septic System Problems |

Septic systems are a necessity for so many homes and buildings. But they come with some issues you need to be on the lookout for. Otherwise, your septic system could have massive leakages or backed-up sections that’ll damage your home and cause unpleasant odors. To help you take proper care of your system, we discuss the most common home septic system problems here.


The most common issue is the presence of clogs or blockages in your system. You should always avoid putting inappropriate items into drains to prevent clogs. Thankfully, you can clean out a clog if you do have one. Just use the safe vinegar and baking soda method or another effective method.

Root Damage

Sometimes, plant roots will grow into your septic system, damaging the tank and the piping. You should avoid planting plants near the septic system when possible. The best way to prevent root damage is to account for plant growth before building the septic system.

Too Much Waste

Over time, waste will build up in your septic tank, which is why you need to get regular pumping for your septic system. Each system is a bit different, but you usually only need to pump your tank every three to five years to prevent damage from building up.

Improper Treatment

Although septic systems are heavy duty, they can’t handle everything you throw at them. A common issue that you can avoid is damaging your septic system by using improper cleaners and other treatments. You should only use products with labels that say they’re safe for septic tanks, or else you’ll cause lots of damage.

Construction Damage

Another thing that causes damage to a septic system is construction digging. Even a simple shovel can cause damage to septic system piping if it hits the piping. So, make sure that any gardening or construction project is far enough away from any septic system parts to avoid damaging the system.

These are just a few of the most common home septic system problems, with things like drain blockage and odors also being a concern. Run frequent inspections of your system—at least monthly—to find any issues before they get worse.

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