The Different Types of Wood To Make Furniture |

When it comes to furniture-making, one of the major concerns any good craftsman has revolves around the material they use to make their piece. Different types of wood have various properties that allow them to be used in many types of projects. In an effort to familiarize you with what woods are great for furniture-making, here are the main different types of wood used to make furniture.


Walnut is one of the premier furniture-making materials most furniture makers will use. Walnut is desired for its rich color, amazing burls, and legendary hardiness. This wood is so tough that they used it as propeller material during the 50s.


Maple is found primarily in the great lakes region and is notable for its rich red color and amazingly straight grain. This wood is most often stained, as it can have a lighter color when compared to other woods. While it is not known particularly for its strength, maple has been used to build furniture material for centuries.


Mahogany is an incredible wood that originates from the central and south Americas. Because it’s somewhat rare, furniture constructed with it is expensive. Mahogany has luscious, deep brown colors that will stun and amaze you.


Birch is a pleasantly light wood that seems to find its way into homes that stress light colors more than design style. This wood is perfect for furniture-making due to its light weight and brittle construction.


Oak is a timeless and hardy wood that makes for amazing furniture-building material. It is insanely strong and has a wonderful grain. There’s no reason not to use oak in your living space.

We hope this article on the different types of wood used to make furniture has helped you decide which material to use in your house. Remember that the type of wood used in a piece of furniture is a good indicator of quality. As such, if you are shopping for used furniture, assess the construction materials as part of its worth.

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