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Many people have felt it—that feeling of growing tired with the current look of the rooms in their homes. When that feeling comes up, you might be tempted to get rid of everything and start from scratch to completely transform your interior design. But what if you’re on a budget? Although swapping out all aspects of your décor may not be realistic, with some smart thinking, you can still tastefully improve upon what you do have. Here are a few simple ways to update your home décor.



Painting is one of the main ways you can change the appearance of a room without having to do major revamping. Maybe your wooden moldings or cabinets are starting to show their age or you simply want to change the feeling of the space. A new coat of paint can revive worn-out elements. For example, you can paint weathered wooden cabinets a cool white to give them a clean presentation. For a dynamic statement, you could paint an individual wall a different color to serve as an accent and to set up a color palette that’s in line with your furniture. Look at what you have and see what accent colors are in them—perhaps in the pattern of a chair or pillow—to choose the right accent color for your wall.

Change the Lights

Adding or switching a few light sources can create a dramatic effect that reaches far beyond the light fixture itself. Besides making the room seem more spacious and approachable, good light fixtures can strengthen your décor if their design works well with your existing décor. You don’t even need to change the ceiling lights; floor lamps and table lamps work just fine. Moreover, you can place these kinds of lights in whatever arrangement you choose. Place them cleverly to maximize brightness across the entire room and to bring extra illumination to certain spots, such as a desk.

Add Rugs

Any area in your home with a hard floor can benefit from a carefully chosen rug. Coordinate colors, patterns, and textures that work naturally with your existing items as well as bring something new to the room. To illustrate, if your dining room mostly has shades of brown, white, and light beige, you could find a flat rug with browns in its design to put down under the table. Rugs aren’t just limited to the primary rooms of your home, either. For example, you can decorate your hallway with a rug runner to introduce a soft contrast to a section normally dominated by straight lines and hard, smooth materials such as wood and metal.

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