How to Save Energy Consumption During the Winter


Energy consumption during the winter is one of the utilities that are the most expensive. We all love the idea of staying inside on a cold day. Cozy and nice, or this is how we imagine it to be. However, heating and lighting are some of the utilities that consume a lot of energy and money. There are a few tips that could help you save energy consumption during the winter.

Program Your Thermostat

One of the many ways to save energy consumption during the winter is adjusting your thermostat. You already know your schedule, so if there are moments when you are not at home, the heating of the house can be paused. This will help you save energy during the winter because the thermostat will be programmed to turn on heating only when you are at home.

Close the Door to the Rooms You Do Not Use

If your apartment or house is big, maybe there are rooms you are not currently using. Usually, the heating in those rooms is turned off, so they are chilly. If you close the doors to the rooms you do not use, the house will not waste it’s warmth on them.

Baking at Home

During these tough times, it is always helpful to support the local communities and buy goods from them. But baking your own goods will enhance your cooking experience and warm your house. Cooking and baking at your home helps you save energy consumption during the winter because the heat generated by the stove will make your house, or at least the kitchen, warmer. And you would not need to turn on the heating for the day, says a paper on energy from write my thesis.

Use LED Lighting

Winter is the time for the holidays. And what would holidays be without festive lighting? They warm up the house, make it cozier, and bring the Christmas spirit into your home. However, you may find out that your energy bill will rise considerably, as incandescent lights consume a lot of energy.

The solution to keeping your energy consumption low this winter is to choose LED lighting. You can replace the lightbulbs in your house with LED bulbs and also choose LED holiday lighting. All the energy in LEDs is converted, so there are few losses because they are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting.

Unplug Devices

One of the many mistakes people make is not unplugging their devices and electronics. Most of us might think that if they are not connected to a device, they are not using energy. But in fact, they do. There are two reasons why you should do this. The first one is because you can save up to 200$ per year if you unplug all the devices when not in use. The second one is because it is also an efficient way to protect yourself from power surges. Which, if they happen, might cost you way more.

Insulation and Sealing

One of the things that may add up to your energy bill during the winter is improper insulation and sealing of your house. This contributes to the loss of heat and the house may never get as warm as you want. Besides, you consume more energy to heat it. Insulating and sealing your home should be a priority. They help you save energy consumption and money. Insulated homes can save up to 55% of heating and cooling energy. Moreover, their benefits are nice during summer too. 

Give Your House a New Look

Sometimes, we all yearn for a change in our environment. But some changes can be done easier than others, and one of these is changing the place of your furniture. And you may wonder: what is the connection between rearranged furniture and energy consumption? The thing is, some of your furniture may stand in front of the air pipes, blocking the heating flow in some rooms. Rearranging the furniture will help you improve the air circulation in the room and it will heat faster.


Winter energy bills can turn out to be a major source of stress. Saving energy consumption during the winter is something that all of us want to do. There are a few tricks that could help you do this. Start with insulating and sealing the house as this will prevent heating from escaping. Program your thermostat to turn on heating only when you are at home. For example, if during the day you are at work, heating can be turned off.

Choose to make more environmentally sustainable options and opt for led holiday lighting. Unplug your devices when not in use to save energy and start baking at home. A new house look can be created by rearranging the furniture. And lowering the energy consumption during the winter will be a piece of cake. 

Author Bio: Leon Collier is a blogger from the UK who works at a college paper writing services. He loves to offer professional essay writing services and writes about everything: environment, energy, travel, self-development, education, marketing. When not writing, you can find him behind a book or playing tabletop games with his friends. Follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12

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