Renovation Projects to Spice Up The Look of Your Home

Are you looking for ways to give your home a new look? Sprucing up your home is a great way to give it a new feel and can signify a new start, allowing you to fall in love with your home all over again. However, choosing where to start can be overwhelming. That is why we have rounded up a few ideas here for your inspiration. These projects range from DIY projects to low-cost and expensive projects. You can create a completely new vibe in your home regardless of your budget.


Add a kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island adds ample space for preparing food while giving your kitchen a modern look. You can add vintage bar stools to create a lovely space for breakfast or entertaining guests. If your kitchen has an island, upgrading the surface with a look of luxurious stone, or painting a contrasting color makes it more appealing. For great ideas, it is good to work with a home renovation company. An expert can also be valuable in giving you advice on the costs and the best material to use to match your style.


Upgrade interior doors

Interior doors are often overlooked, but they affect the overall look of your home. If they are due for replacement, now it’s time to do that. You can choose solid-core doors for added efficiency.  Another good idea is to add a sliding barn door for the kitchen entrance. A sliding door barn will not only provide privacy when you need it, but it can also be an eclectic décor for your home interior. Besides, it will give your home a farmhouse flair. Moreover, if you need a hack to separate spaces in an open floor plan, a sliding door is the way to go.


Change the flooring

Give the floors a new vibe by switching the carpet with sheet vinyl. It is a cheaper way to create a longer-lasting look for your home. If you have the time and the money, a hardwood floor would be a great option to give your home a timeless look. Again, for such a project, it is crucial to work with an expert to avoid making mistakes.


Brighten up the space

Letting in more natural light indoors is a simple way to brighten your home and create a new look. You can replace the old windows with large or floor-to-ceiling windows. Alternatively, paint the interiors white to reflect light around your home.


Add window boxes

Window boxes are great for improving the exterior look of your windows with the lush display of different flowers. Moreover, they provide a way to bring up the beautiful flowers to a level that they can be viewed from the inside. If you love gardening, this can be a good DIY project to improve your home’s curb appeal.


Spruce up the walls with wallpaper

Are you tired of the plain, blank walls? Now is the time to spruce up the walls, and wallpaper provides just the wall treatment for that. You can start experimenting with smaller spaces such as the entryway or your powder room to get the feel of it. If you are low on cash, opting for cheaper options is also enough to create a grander look and feel.


Add molding

If you are after giving your home a new style, installing molding to the walls and/or ceiling provides an easy way to do that for any room. It looks good on the ceiling in the dining room, living room, or any common space. Just be sure to choose molding that complements your home’s style. There are several options for you including wood, plaster, or even peel-and-stick options.


Go for higher ceilings

A higher ceiling creates a vibe of a modern and expensive home. If you have the budget, have the ceiling physically raised. If that is not possible, you can always create the illusion of higher ceilings with window treatments. Just have the curtain rods hung closer to the ceiling. Additionally, choose long-flowing curtains to add an expensive vibe to it.



Giving your home a new look can be as simple as installing wallpaper or painting the walls a fresh coat of paint. It can also be more budget involving such as changing the flooring or adding a kitchen island. Don’t let your pocket or even time constraints hinder you from achieving the look that you want. The above ideas should get you thinking.

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