Reasons To Ship Your Car To College

You receive your college admission letter and have to travel across states. What do you do with your car? Do you sell it or ship it to college? Do you take a road trip across states? While in college you can buy dissertation paper to give you more time to enjoy the ride on your car or engage in more interesting activities.

Shipping is one of the favorable options when you are going to college and have a car to bring along. You will have to drive the vehicle to the nearest port from where it will be shipped to a port near your college. What are the advantages of shipping your car to college?

It is cheaper to ship than buy a new one

Two other options remain. Drive the car across states or sell it with the hope of buying another one. Driving will wear the car out. If you choose to sell, you lose the sentimental value of the car. But there is an alternative to these two. Spend a few hundred dollars to ship the car.

The cost of driving and the dangers it will present should cause you to look for an alternative. A few hundred dollars will help you to retain your car without the fatigue or dangers of driving across states. Once you sell, you will have to add more money to buy a vehicle of the same standard. Having considered all options, you realize that it is cheaper to ship than sell.

It is safer than driving

Imagine you live in Alaska and have to get to a college in Florida. The shortest distance driving is almost 8,000km or 5,000miles. It would take you about 95 hours driving nonstop, an impossible adventure. I am sure this is not a journey you want to take, even for the fun of it.

Beyond covering the long distance, you have to consider fatigue. The journey will take a heavy toll on your body and mind. Because of fatigue, you may end up causing accidents or damaging the vehicle.

Talking about damage on the vehicle, you need to service the vehicle every few thousand kilometers. It means that the vehicle will require full servicing along the way. The journey will push the vehicle to limits that it might not recover. No one wants a vehicle to turn into scrap somewhere in the wilderness in the name of driving to college. Put the car on a ship and wait for it at your destination.

You maintain its sentimental value

If you have a vehicle at that age, it is probably your first one. Pioneer assets come with a lot of sentimental value. It could be a gift from a relative or friend. Others are the product of your first business deal. As such, these vehicles come with a lot of sentimental value.

Driving across states will lower the value of the car and may result in permanent damage. By preserving its integrity during transit, you maintain its sentimental value. Because you will not be using the vehicle often in college, you can keep it for all your three or four years. You create more memories and add to its sentimental attachment. Shipping is a way to preserve this value.

It gives you independence

Instead of leaving the vehicle home, ship it to college because it will give you a lot of independence. You can move wherever you wish without depending on friends or public transport. Since you can travel easily, it gives you the freedom to live away from campus and still make it to class.

If you are thinking of starting a business or taking up a job, the car will prove to be a great asset. You can rush to work at any hour and spend the least time to return in time for class. It is also a cart to help you deliver goods to customers if you are in business.

Weekends and holidays offer a chance to go away from books. Use the car to go for picnics, camping, or enjoyment joints without worrying about the time to return or means of getting back to campus. This freedom helps you to create the most beautiful college experience.

Owning a car in college is convenient

Ship the car for your convenience. Whether you are talking about moving from one spot to the other or carrying personal effects, it is convenient when you have a car. Think of using a taxi and expenses come to mind. You also have to wait for the driver to arrive or have to deal with a driver who fails to meet your expectations. Owning your car is extremely convenient for your college life and personal errands.

You will be a cool student in college

It might sound boastful but it is cool to have a car. From statistics, less than half of college students have a car. If you own one, your friends and peers will be depending on you to move around or run their errands. How cool is that?

To make it better, the students will plan their schedule around your own. It minimizes the possibility of missing some of these occasions. For instance, if there is a party, it will never be on a day when you are busy because their means of transport will not be available. If they are traveling for a picnic, you are their designated driver. It is just cool to own a car in college.

Environmentally friendly

The cost of driving goes beyond fuel and maintenance. If you have to drive across states for miles, you will send a lot of cubic meters of ozone gas that is harmful to the environment. Shipping on the other hand has been ascertained to cause less pollution. The shipping vessel is less harmful to the environment compared to driving.

Driving is an expensive option for your body, mind, and pocket. Shipping companies will collect the car at your door, ship it, and deliver it to your campus door. Take advantage of such convenience to help you enjoy the benefits of owning a car in college.

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