Have a DIY Remodel with RTA Cabinets

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen? Where do you start? Does it need to cost an arm and a leg? Begin with the basics and understand that your needs may not be so different from other people. This means that the answers to the questions already exist.


Here is where assembled cabinets come into the picture. These are low cost and come with custom features you could think of, so no one will be able to know that your kitchen wasn’t made just for you.


Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets


These come in numerous wood choices, styles, and finishes. When you have listed your needs, you can go through the designs. You can choose designs from basic ones to extraordinary types. You can find unique cabinets that match your range hoods, microwaves, glassware, and any other appliances.


Even though these cabinets are packed with exclusive features, it still costs less than custom cabinetry. Another great thing about ready-to-assemble cabinets is that you can place them in just about any corner of your home.




RTA cabinets can positively play a role in your bedroom. When you think about it, many people buy nightstands and other furniture pieces to hold various items. Doing so may not make your bedroom space efficient.


Just like mounting flat-screen televisions on the wall, using RTA cabinets for your bedroom saves space. Additionally, you will have more floor space, and it helps with making your bedroom appear larger.




Assembled cabinets are lovely, especially since you can refurbish the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune. You have a choice among the full range of alluring wood finishes like honey oak, coffee alder, glazed toffee, and many more.


The assortment of colors lets you match your kitchen cabinets to the existing décor of your place. You can add some cabinets to corners you never thought possible before. You can have more storage room through the kitchen cabinet design you choose.

Dark brown ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

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Another incredible benefit to having RTA cabinets is having a place to store your kids’ toys. You can arrange these cabinets along your walls to make space where the kids can play. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with the eyesore of having a mountain of toys lying on the floor.


Your kids can learn how to put their toys away correctly. On their next playtime, they will know where to find their toys and put them away just as quickly.



Do your kids or yourself have quite a lot of athletic equipment? Do you own many tools? Is your garage space limited because of your car? Assembled cabinets can give you back the storage space you need. Soon you will be able to place your cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools without taking up too much space.


Some people don’t even think about having arranged cabinets in their garage. They change their minds however when they find how well wood cabinets serve their purpose.


Money Saving


RTA cabinetry lets you lavish at an incredible cutback in several ways:

  1. The initial price is far cheaper than what you have to pay for custom made cabinets. For a fraction of the cost, you can purchase a luxurious RTA cabinet.
  2. Assembled cabinets have all the hardware and complete parts needed to build the item. Even if you’re inexperienced with assembly and tools, you can construct it without paying hefty contractor fees.
  3. With this type of cabinet’s popularity among DIY remodeling items, the market competition is high. This means that you are presented with more options to explore and find one with the best value.

Choosing the RTA Cabinet for You


There are different ways of choosing the right kind for you. Select from a wide range of stores that stock these cabinets in various styles. They can provide you with a kitchen planner that can help you measure and choose the cabinet for your kitchen.


It is vital to select a style that harmoniously blends with your overall décor. You can find assembled cabinets in a variety of configurations and sizes which come in small cabinets to full-size pantries. All these let you have more space in your kitchen.

RTA kitchen cabinets

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All Wood


Storage is most critical in the most frequented corners of your home – your kitchens and bathrooms. What links these common areas include the moisture and temperature levels as well as potential mess and spills. With all-wood cabinets, your home can have its luxurious look and functionality.


Ready-to-assemble cabinets are made of popular hardwood species. Not only will you get an elegant addition, but you also get guaranteed sturdy wood that can last for a long time.


RTA cabinets continue to be a buzz in the remodeling and home improvement market. More and more homeowners are considering these cabinets, especially in today’s economy. What started as a mere alternative to conventional cabinets has become a gift that keeps on giving, is packed with many benefits.

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