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The home renovation process can be a complex web of tasks you need to complete and requirements you need to meet. That’s why, in the busyness of planning, you may forget to find out whether you’ll need to get a construction permit. Depending on where you live and how much work you plan to complete, a permit might be essential for your project. As such, it’s important that you find out which permits you’ll need for your renovation project and how you can obtain them.

Fencing Installation Permit

If your project involves the removal or installation of any fencing around your home, then you’ll probably need to get a building permit from your town hall. This is ultimately to ensure you’re adhering to your established property lines and to maintain the peace among your neighbors. In addition, receiving a permit will also prove you’re adhering to height and measurement requirements for the fencing itself.

Plumbing and Electrical Permits

Plumbing and electrical permits are essential for any extensive renovation project, as these are some of the most important aspects of your home. Utility permits ensure that your project plans won’t affect the integrity of other plumbing or electrical lines and that you’ve hired a trained professional for the job.

Architectural Permits

Town halls want to ensure that some neighborhoods are uniform, so it’s only natural that changing the overall appearance of your home would warrant a construction permit. This includes everything from removing walls to putting in additions such as a deck or driveway. Since the range of possibilities is so broad, you may be asked about the extent of the work being done when you apply for this permit.

Dumpster Rental Permits

Depending on how much room you have on the property, you may want to obtain a dumpster rental for disposing of construction debris. Find out whether you’ll need a dumpster permit from your local government first.

Roofing Permits

Roofing permits are required for any type of roofing project, as they show proof that your job meets local housing codes and safety requirements. Since your roof will need to properly block the elements, these projects in particular are held at a higher level of scrutiny.

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