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How Much to Tip Your Movers

Some businesses don't expect tips because products or services are priced strategically. Most moving companies will tell you that tips aren't necessary. However, tipping is polite and a great way to reward good service. You can also tell the movers before they get started that you'll pay a gratuity based on their performance, and that will likely inspire harder work.

Hard Work

Of course, movers by definition work hard. The job's one of the most physically demanding among the service industries. The pay rates already provide compensation for the muscle put into loading and unloading vehicles and storage facilities, so that's why movers often tell you they don't expect tips. Although the gesture's always appreciated.

Suggested Amounts

There is no real industry standard on tipping movers, so ultimately the amount is your call. If you do tip, you might want to cap it at five percent – and only do so after inspecting all of the items delivered to make sure nothing got damaged. Some moving companies suggest that instead offering a percentage of the total cost to move, you give $10 to $20 per person for small moves. When two or more movers do the work, divide the tip among them. And for large or complicated moves, give $20 to $50 for large or complicated moves. This could include:

  • Extra heavy items
  • Fragile items
  • Unusual appliances or furniture
  • Narrow doors or hallways
  • Having to climb stairs
  • Tiny elevators
  • Hoisting objects through windows

Feed Them

Another great way to tip is with a free meal. It's best to ask their preferences for food, because apparently pizza tips are ubiquitous and the movers may tire of the repetition. Beverages are also a good idea, although you might want to hold off on alcohol because a lot of the moving companies have policies against it. If it's allowed, wait until the end of the day, and only offer the booze to those who aren't driving.

Don't Feel Obligated

Tipping is a nice gesture but don't feel like you have to do it. If the service you get doesn't live up to your standards, withhold the tip and let the company know why. Hopefully, you'll find movers that work really hard, so you'll want to offer them some form of gratuity at the end. Best of luck during your move.

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