How to Find Office Movers

How to Find Office Movers

No business wants its employees to miss a day of work, not even when moving. No matter how idealistic that may be, it seems to be the one goal that all companies share when planning a move. The promise of delivering on that can really drive up the price of office movers. I can help you save up to 55 percent on relocating your enterprise if you just do me one favor: Fill out the form above with the details about when, where and how much you'd like to move. Within five minutes of clicking "compare and save," you'll hear from at least one moving company offering you a better deal than you could find on your own. That will save you time that could be better spent planning other aspects of your move.

Ask Questions

You'll find the best move might not involve hiring the first moving company you talk to. Prices may vary considerably depending on which services you want to include in the move, and some movers are able to do certain things cheaper than others. There's also a lot of potentially hidden costs involved depending on how much additional work you're looking to hire for. Here are some things you'll want to ask moving companies before deciding which one to choose:

  • How long will it take the company to move your office? How many movers would that involve, and at what hourly rates?
  • What are the additional fees that the moving company adds on to the hourly rate per individual doing the move?
  • How much does the company charge for moving insurance, and what is the process for filing claims under the policy?
  • Can the moving company provide references of other corporate customers you could ask about the experience?

Plan Logistics

You really can't overplan an office move if you're shooting for that ideal of continuity from one location to the next. A good business move may be one in which most employees have minimal interruption in their work during the relocation process. That can happen if at least one staff member, like your office manager or facilities specialist, focuses on moving logistics for the weeks or months before and after the actual move. The larger the company, the more time and staffing will be required to pull off the relocation. It's very possible to hire third parties to take care of all these details, but it may be more cost effective to have at least one person at your company in charge of interacting with the movers. That individual could form a committee or appoint others in the company to lend a hand. Perhaps that could include arranging for each department to have its own point person for move related issues. The point people could help individuals pack up the contents of their desks, label boxes and distribute copies of floor plans showing where people's cubicles will be located in the new space.

Cut Costs Wisely

No matter whether your business is large or small, you can rein in moving costs by planning in advance. Keeping things organized on your end enables the moving company to do its job faster and hopefully charge you less for the move. Leave as little as possible to do at the last minute, so that you'll be free to handle any surprises if they arise.

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