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If you've decided to move to New Haven, you've probably got a lot to think about. Since we're friends, I'd love to help simplify the process, which is why I've negotiated deals with some of the best New Haven movers. Tell me a bit about your move and I'll gladly connect you with New Haven movers who will give you the best possible prices on your move. Whether you're moving to one of the city's university neighborhoods like Dixwell, to a family-friendly neighborhood like Cedar Hill or to a quaint suburb like Derby or Hamden, I'll help streamline the selection process so that you spend time on other parts of the move.

A Bit About New Haven

You may be surprised to learn that although it only spans 20.31 square miles, New Haven is counted as the second-largest city in Connecticut. Only 1.4 square miles of the city are water, mostly coming from the New Haven Harbor and the Long Island Sound. Despite the water within its borders, New Haven is actually one of the best planned cities in the country, and it flawlessly accommodates both industrial opportunities and the Yale University campus. The city enjoys four distinct seasons, with a tendency for snowfall in the winter and summers that are warm but not overly hot. Consequently, if you're moving to New Haven in the winter, make sure that your New Haven movers have a contingency plan in the event of inclement weather.

Good moving to New Haven – I hope you enjoy living in your new city!

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