How to Choose National Moving Companies

Office Moving Strategies

It's rather obvious that the further you move away from your current city, the more changes you'll have to anticipate. Moving to another state can lead to changes in your lifestyle, depending on possible differences in the cost of living and cultural factors as well. The former may influence the price you pay to move, while the latter will affect your day-to-day life in the new home. It makes sense to set aside time to research your destination in order to have a smoother transition. I highly recommend that you find out whether your intended destination has its own version of a newcomers' club. The specific name of these groups might vary based on location, but the objective is similar: regularly scheduled events where you can meet other people who've just arrived from elsewhere.

National and State Resources - National Movers

Contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – this subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Transportation operates a toll-free hotline at (888) 368-7238. Call them to confirm whether any moving company you're considering has a current license to operate on an interstate level. Ask the agency whether it has ever fined or taken other disciplinary action against a mover you might hire. Also find out whether consumers have filed complaints about move providers. You might be able to obtain this same information from the national trade group, the American Moving and Storage Association, and 27 states each have their own local industry associations. These groups all ask their members to comply with ethical codes of conduct.

Lodging a Complaint Against a Mover

I hope your move goes smoothly, but if you end up having a bad experience with a mover you hire, you'll want to let the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration know about it. You might be able to complain to a regulator in your state, as well, assuming you live in one of the roughly 25 states that have their own regulators for the industry.

Have a Good Move

You're about to become one of the 40 million people in the U.S. who move each year. I hope you make the most of the advice I've offered you so far, and obtain the best deal possible on a national moving company.

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