Billy's Moving Truck Rental Guide

Moving truck rentalsIf this is the first time you're moving somewhere via moving truck, you're probably overwhelmed--not only by all the options, but by the responsibility of driving the truck with your possessions inside. Renting a moving truck isn't quite like renting a car, and if it makes you uncomfortable, consider having a friend do the driving or hiring professional movers. If you choose the DIY route, know that your auto insurance may not cover a friend driving, so be sure to do your insurance homework before you rent. If you do not currently own a car (or insurance), you may not be able to rent if the truck rental company requires your auto insurance. That leaves hiring a full-service moving company as the best option.

Moving truck costs

  1. What is the charge, for a one-way move? If you're planning a long distance move, you may have to pay pay higher fees to return your rental truck to  another location. If you're crossing state lines, this surcharge may be even higher. Make sure to ask each moving truck rental company you speak to, how much they charge for a one-way, non-local move. At the same time, also find out where the local truck return port is in your destination location. If the return center is far from your moving destination, try another service.
  2. What is the charge, to rent the truck, for several days? Renting a moving truck is usually cheaper, if rented, for a single day. Of course, it may not be possible to limit your move to only one day, as you'll need to rent, pack, move, unpack, and return the truck during business hours. Consider how much you're moving and how long the drive is, to determine whether you can complete the move in a day. You may need more time. Even if, you think you can finish in a day, make sure to ask how much it'll cost if you end up needing extra time.
  3. What size truck, do I need? Ask your truck rental company what size trucks they offer for people without commercial licenses. Tell them what size home you have and don't withhold any information. You don't want to end up with a truck that is too small or too large for your possessions. If you have oversized furniture let the rental agent know so that he/she can best estimate the cargo area required to best transport your belongings. 
  4. How far in advance, must I reserve, my rental truck? This varies from company to company, so be a good planner and contact them in advance. Don't wait until the last minute, as they may not have trucks available.
  5. How much fuel, does my truck use per mile? The price of renting a moving truck, may not be entirely worthwhile, once you factor in, the cost of gas. Given current gas rates, you may find that the fuel cost to drive a heavy truck may not yield the cost-savings you had anticipated. In this case, you might want to get quotes from professional full-service movers

If you're satisfied, with the answers you get to these questions, a moving truck rental may be the right option for you. If you have a long distance and/or a large quantity of furniture in multiple rooms, hiring movers may be your best option. It never hurts to get quotes for both so that you can compare labor and gas fees and/or savings.

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