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Moving in the Summer

More people move during the summer than any other time of year -- over six million households, renters and buyers alike, schedule moves in June, July and August. It may be a sweatier season for changing homes, but the timing suits families with children of school age, along with college students. Warm weather does call for certain precautions you might not need at other times. I've got several ideas for you about how to handle moving in the summer.

Moving in the summer

Advice for All Seasons

One piece of advice actually holds true for any time of year you might move, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire movers, even full service: Plan as far in advance as possible. Rushing at the last minute creates a recipe for accidents that could damage your furnishings or create other problems. These mishaps end up costing you more money over the long term, such as having to repair items or replace them sooner than you otherwise would have. Also, summer's popularity among movers means you'll need to book reservations with moving companies earlier than you would at other times of the year.

Clear Out the Kitchen

Advance planning will help you follow the next piece of summer advice: it is most cost efficient to consume all of the food in your kitchen so you don't have to haul it somewhere else. At the very least, make a point of using up everything edible in your freezer and refrigerator. Then if you're driving the moving truck or car on the day of the move, pack snacks and meals that don't perish in warm weather. You might want to do that even if you're flying to your destination.

Pets, Seniors and Children

Children, the elderly and pets may need special attention during a move in hot weather. You'll want to make sure that they don't get overheated, or, worse yet, suffer heat stroke. See to it that kids and elderly members of your household are dressed in comfortable lightweight clothing. Supply them with plenty of water to drink so they don't dehydrate. That advice especially applies to pets, who also need extra ventilation in their carrying cases, cages and the like. Try to bring pets with you in your car or, if you're flying, book tickets with an airline that accommodates pets. Learn the airline's policies on travel with pets, which typically requires a fee, plus health documentation from your veterinarian.

Other Issues

Beyond the things I just mentioned, moving in the summer is just like any other time of the year. The main difference is you don't have to worry about being cold or getting rained on. Best of luck during your move.

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