9 Steps to an Easy Move

An easy move starts with a smile

The most fool-proof way to avoid the stress of a move is to hibernate until it's over and to emerge just in time to catch a ride to your new location. But since that's not a realistic option in most cases, your best strategy would be to identify practical ways to reduce the stress without compromising on the efficiency of the moving process. Although the term "easy move' may sound incongruous, I'm confident that with a bit of assistance from the experts you'll be able to embrace the concept of an easy move. Here are 9 strategies to set you on the path to a stress-free moving experience.

  1. Smile. The best way to keep a positive mindset during the move is to keep smiling, even if you don't always mean it. You'll be surprised at how even difficult challenges seem easier when you're smiling.
  2. Pump up the volume. "Moving isn't just physically exhausting - it's emotionally exhausting as well," says Debbie Ginsberg, co-founder of Uncluttered Domain, a New York-based relocation service. "Help make the move easier by turning on some music to work by, have cold drinks handy and a bowl of fruit readily available," she advises. Whether you prefer soothing classical melodies or energetic pop songs, you'll be able to keep up the rhythm of your move when the music is playing, so don't think twice about packing your CD player last.
  3. Outsource. One of the most obvious ways to reduce your own work load is to outsource as much as possible. Keep in mind that when it comes to moving, there's no such thing as a free ride. In order to have clarity and convenience when you're unpacking, you'll need to supervise the movers, packers and home organizers while they are readying your home. Otherwise, you'll never really know where things are (until you unpack them) and you may be left wondering if your beloved items were accidentally thrown away.
  4. Trash, trash, trash. Throw out as much as you possibly can before you begin packing. Clothing that hasn't been worn in a while, your children's old art projects, odds and ends that have been stored but not viewed in years... all of these things can be discarded before you begin packing. You'll have an easier move knowing that you have less junk to pack and unpack during the process.
  5. Start your packing with the least obvious items. You may be surprised to hear that this is one of the most successful strategies for an easy move. Most people feel a burst of energy when beginning to pack, and they want to pack their most treasured possessions first. In reality, however, the best way to pack is to begin with the things you don't use regularly such as books, videos and out-of-season clothing. You'll be able to pack these things relatively quickly, and the feeling of success
  6. Let friends help. There's always a part of the move that you'll need to do yourself, and there's nothing wrong with letting friends help... as long as there aren't too many helpers at once. Make sure that you rotate shifts of help so that you can stay focused on moving and not on your friends.
  7. Start early. One of the most obvious easy moving tips (and easiest to ignore) is to start early. Most people think that dragging out the process will make it more painful. In fact, the opposite is generally true. The earlier you start, the more you can space out the work so that it's manageable instead of overwhelming.
  8. Turn on utilities at least 24 hours before you move in. Even if you're not there to use the lights or water, you'll be relieved to know that they work before you arrive. Don't wait for the day of arrival in case there's a delay or problem with the work request.
  9. Label each box clearly. Record which new room each box belongs in as well as a general idea of the contents so that you'll know exactly what you're dealing with upon arrival.

If you implement even one of these strategies you'll be well on your way to an easy move – if you execute them all you'll be shocked at how smooth the experience will be. Why suffer through a difficult move when an easy move is certainly attainable?

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