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A Bit About Cincinnati

Did you know, two-thirds of all people in the U.S., live within 600 miles, of Cincinnati?

And while it's, technically, Ohio's third largest city, Cincinnati's greater metropolitan area, is the largest such region, in the state.

The city, has about 333,200 residents, but accounting for all the suburbs, that number is closer to 2.2 million, including some people, in northern Kentucky.

Bodies of water, make up around two percent, of the urban area's 79.6 square miles, and the elevation, is 482 feet, above sea level.

The weather, in and around Cincinnati, is warmer than most other Midwestern cities, which will make it easier, for you to move, just about any time, of year.

We here at Billy, recommend that you talk to, at least, three different moving companies, before choosing to hire one, and that you try to schedule the movers, as far in advance, as possible, so everything can go smoothly.

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