How to Find Apartment Movers

How to Find Apartment Movers

You really can save up to 55 percent on apartment movers, if you follow my simple advice. Start by filling out the form you see above – the one that asks where you're moving to and from, what you want to move and when. That will start the process for you to find a moving company that will cost less than what you would otherwise pay for a move. I bet that within five minutes after you click "compare and save," you'll hear from at least one moving company offering you a better deal than you could have found by searching through the phone book. That will save you a lot of time that you could use to plan other aspects of your move.

Navigate Floor Plans

Choose professional movers with plenty of experience moving in and out of apartments. The main issue here is navigating doors and hallways that might be narrower than those of houses. Depending on the housing complex involved, there might be stairways or elevators to contend with too. Potentially limited parking, driveway access or curb space could put constraints on the loading and unloading of the moving truck. Then there's the need to show respect toward other tenants already living there – you don't want to disturb them or block access to their apartments.

Don't Do it Yourself

One tactic that at first appears to save the most money can actually end up costing you the most: Asking friends and family members to help you move might seem like it saves you the entire cost of moving except for gas. But unless your pals are certified as professional movers, your furniture could get damaged during the move. Repairing the damages might get expensive, especially if anything needs replacement.

Don't Get Injured

Even more serious: Bodily injuries from lifting heavier items than you're accustomed to carrying on a daily basis. I'd hate to see you or your loved ones suffer a back or knee injury; my doctor tells me that once you injure these areas, you're at an increased risk of getting subsequent injuries in the same place over time. You probably don't need me to remind you how expensive medical care has gotten, let alone how costly it is to have a recurring health problem. And if your insurance provider learns that you have any kind of pre-existing condition, it could affect the premiums you pay for coverage. Your physical health is priceless, and avoiding situations that could cause injuries saves you far more than what you'd pay movers.

Move Smoothly

I'm excited about your forthcoming apartment move. I know you're going to love hearing from the movers that I've negotiated discounts with. I've done the work of getting the prices on moves down to something you can afford. So now you can look forward to arriving at your new home with all of your belongings. Best of luck!

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