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There are a surprising number of mistakes people make that hurt their mounted TV, either from immediate issues like dropping and jostling it to long-term problems like dust collection or overheating. Here are some of the most common issues that occur when mounting a television in the home:

Having to Remount a TV Again Later

Remounting your TV does more than just create another set of unwanted holes in your wall. Jostling or moving a television increases the risk of cables or boards inside becoming loose. Some flatscreen televisions are difficult to open safely, so the repair costs of fixing this kind of damage can be high.

Limiting the number of times you mount a device in your home or move it between locations can save you the cost of TV repairs and plaster.

Placing the TV Above a Fireplace or in the Sun

A common mistake that people make is placing their TV somewhere that gets hot. TVs already produce their own heat while in use, but adding to the heat via direct sunlight or a nearby fire can quickly cause issues inside the device. Overheating is one of the easiest ways to damage the motherboard, a TV’s most essential component.

The fireplace is also a concerning place to mount your TV as, no matter how great the location might seem, any added dust or grime can collect inside of your device and create a need for excessive cleaning or frequent repairs.

Trying To Do it Yourself Without Experience

Installing a mounted television on your own can lead to one of a few problems: you have the wrong tools, you have the wrong bracket, or you don’t have enough help.

Unless the TV’s box includes mount sizing information, it is easy to buy a mount that can’t correctly support your TV’s weight or size. The best-case scenario here is that you simply can’t fit the TV and have to buy a new mount, while the worst-case scenario is that the mount fails after you’ve installed it, resulting in your TV taking a dive.

Another common problem that can lead to TV damage when attempting a DIY wall installation is the amount of effort it takes to lift and maneuver a flatscreen. Lifting an expensive piece of electronics into the air is always safer when you have some help.

One of the best ways to avoid the mistakes people make that hurt their mounted TV is to hire a professional to help you measure twice and mount your TV once. Experts can help you find the right place in your home to ensure that cables can reach outlets easily without looking bad and that your device goes up in an area that’s easy to access, easy to clean, and right on the first try.

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