Methods for Disposing of Home Renovation Waste |

Transforming a house through new construction is a thrilling way to inject new life into a home. However, there’s always a little more to it than flipping the switch and enjoying your new layout. Namely, changing existing structures requires taking apart existing elements. The result is a bunch of unusable junk that must go somewhere. Don’t let this deter you though, as there are many methods for disposing of home renovation waste without a hassle.

Call the Professionals

The quickest way to clean up a construction site is to call in professionals. Businesses across the nation work hand-in-hand with local construction companies to provide this essential service. Simply identify your local clean-up businesses and give them a call. After clarifying the nature of the items you need to dispose of, a team will arrive at your home to do the heavy lifting for you.

In exchange for a fee, removal companies handle all the details for you. Rest easy knowing that your renovation waste will be taken care of in the best way that reflects local mandates and regulations around construction materials.

Drop It off Yourself

For those that like a challenge, there are still methods for disposing of home renovation waste by hand. Namely, DIYers will have to load up a truck and take it to a disposal area themselves. Depending on the size and type of waste material, this can put wear on your vehicle—not to mention potential scratches. Truck rental service options will thus be limited to those intended for heavy work rather than general transportation.

You’ll need to find an appropriate waste center as well. Calling ahead and inquiring about accepted materials types will always save time, as many facilities specialize in handling certain types and materials. They will deny debris that falls outside of these specialties, which can result in unnecessary time and mileage burned.

Order a Mini Dumpster

Mini dumpsters are the ultimate compromise for those looking to retain their DIY involvement without putting extra miles on their cars. Simply call up your local junk removal company and watch as a truck drops a dumpster off for you right in your driveway. Typically, after a week, the truck will return and take care of dumping the contents left inside the bin.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal is to simply choose which variety and size of the dumpster are right for your budget and project. Some dumpsters are used to carry construction materials or debris from a site and feature low sides for easy lifting and filling. Varieties used for general removal tend to have higher sides to maximize how much debris and waste they can store.

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